‘Your’ people will love what you sell, clamour to buy, and rush to recommend you to their friends who will want to buy too.


The creator of the “Piddle Patch” was pitching for investment on Dragon’s Den.

Piddle Patches are puppy pads made using real grass.

Peter Jones thought this was the most ridiculous concept he’d ever heard.

Why would anyone want to buy that when real grass is outside your front door for free?!”

Steven Bartlett thought it was genius!

“I live in a penthouse and this would be perfect for in-between walks!”

Some people will think your ideas and offers are the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard of, and scoff.

‘Your’ people will love what you sell, clamour to buy, and rush to recommend you to their friends who will want to buy too.

If you are inspired to create an online course teaching what you know but you are worried, or have been told there’s loads of videos about that already online for free… remember this:

People will pay money for what is available elsewhere for free.

I mean, why do you pay for Netflix when you already could watch videos online for free?!

Why do you pay for Disney+ and/or Apple+ when you’ve already got Netflix?!

Is comes down to… PERSUASION!

Online, your ability to write persuasive promo copy stands between you and the level of impact and income you want to make.

If you cannot present what you sell as a compelling offer, they won’t be buying!

When you know how to write persuasive words that do the selling for you, you’ll never go hungry!

Inside The Copywriting Academy, you’ll get my help to:

  • Turn what you sell into an abundant offer you love, that you’re excited to sell and your audience will be eager to get their hands on 
  • Write persuasive promo copy that clearly communicates the value of your offer and how it benefits the life or business of your buyer so they’ll prioritise buying
  • Create an attention-grabbing social media marketing campaign to build your ideal buyers’ anticipation and excitement to invest in your service, program, or course

It’s disheartening when you have spent ages crafting copy to promote your products and services, post it online, wait eagerly for your inbox to ‘ping’ and …. silence!

Ready to escape that sinking feeling of your social media posts and promo copy not bringing the flood of leads and sales you were hoping for – again… and get my step by step help to write sizzling sales copy that brings your ideal clients flocking to your inbox when you share your offers on social media?

Join The Copywriting Academy program and let’s make this the year your words start doing the work of selling for you.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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