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What Others Say About Veronica …

“23x £99 Sales, 15 Upsells & 90 Email Subscribers in the First 90 Days!”

 “Veronica cares about your success, holds your hand & is right there for you. Within 3 months of joining Mastermind, my business didn’t just grow, it almost exploded!”

Joanne Yeoh – Animal Communications Insights

“Sold 15x £99 Places and 6x Higher-Ticket Upgrades Within a Few Weeks!”

15 people bought my new Super Easy Website programme, and in addition, 5 people have joined my higher-ticket 6-month Mastermind programme too!”

Vee Tanner – Web Tech Wiz

“I’m Over the Moon! 9 Wonderful Women Bought My Programme in a Relaxed Launch!”

“Even though it was a group programme, I was actually getting personal support. I’ve never experienced that level of support before!

Without a doubt, I know that the feedback I was getting at every stage of the process, absolutely transformed my copywriting skills!”

Alisoun Mackenzie – Alisoun.com

Debs Bamford Comment

“41 Sales of my New Online Program from Following Veronica’s Strategy to the Letter!”

“The biggest outcome for me so far is that 41 people joined the Networking Success programme as a direct result of me following Veronica’s advice to the letter!”

Stefan Thomas – Networking Success

“28 Sales of a New Online Program That Began from my Hobby!”

“Veronica had seen my posts about my hobby and felt into the energy that this was my aligned program. My target was 15 sign-ups. The result was 28! I was blown away with the success!”

Naomi-Jane Johnson – Value Added Video

“Sold 10 Sessions in a Soul-Aligned Service

& Made Back my Investment in Weeks!”

“In my first launch of my brand-new service, I sold 10 places. Within a few short weeks I brought in enough new sales to cover the cost of the programme!”

Vivienne Hill – The Soul Pharmacist

“Sold 29 Places in my New Online

Program and Doubled my Investment!”

“Within weeks, I had sold and delivered my online program to 29 people, some of whom have gone on to invest in my higher priced offers. I’ve made double what I invested already!”

Ann-See Yeoh – My Kind of Yoga

“Sold 18 Places in my New
Online Program Within 7 Weeks!”

“I’m absolutely delighted, but completely astonished really, that I could have achieved so much in so little time! I’m delighted that I’ve already returned 50% of my investment.”

Nicola Macdonald– Attractive Marketing

“Doubled Our Monthly Income
Since Working with Veronica!”

“Before I met Veronica, I was earning enough to live, but Veronica has had a huge impact on my business. Since working witrh her, we have doubled our monthly income!”

Jane Duncan Rogers – Before I Go Solutions

“200%+ Return on my Investment
in Mastermind within 2 Months!”

“I sold 17 places in a new £99 online program, AND created and sold places in a new higher ticket program – making back 73% of my investment in 7 weeks which had increased to 200% a week later!”

Emma Kirkham – Social Selling for Product Makers 10 DAYS after recording this video, Emma had made additional sales of her high-ticket program and increased her return on investment to 200%!

“7 Sales of a New Group Program in a New Coaching Business”

“I actually enjoyed the whole process of putting my program out, which I couldn’t have done without Veronica’s help, It was all brilliant, and 7 people signed up. I was absolutely thrilled to bits with that!”

Chris Lloyd – Coach Chris Lloyd

“8 Sales of a New
Chair Yoga Program”

I didn’t think I could take what I do online,
but did it & was amazing to make 8 sales of my program.
You are never too old to do this!”

Ann Pyne – Chair Yoga Practitioner

“Sold 34 Online Programs
Within 4 Months!”

“I thought I’d never be able to sell online programs. Something that I’ve wanted to do and not believed in for so long, I now believe I can do because I already am!”

Jo Dyer – Really Useful Gardens

“Veronica Speaks to Jo Rees and Jo Dyer

About Their First 3 & 6 Months in Mastermind”

“I’m Making Sales Through Facebook Ease-ily”

“I’ve enrolled 10 people in my group offer so far, and made more money in four days than I have made in an entire month before I discovered Veronica!”

Althea Finch – Pain Freedom Coach

“Sold 34 Online Programs
Within 4 Months!”

“I thought I’d never be able to sell online programs. Something that I’ve wanted to do and not believed in for so long, I now believe I can do because I already am!”

Jo Rees – Another Way Around Dyslexia Support

“Generated £40,000 in 45 Days by Applying Veronica’s Strategy”

“….so I hired her again to run it a second time!
6 months’ later, the number has increased to £109k!”

NickJames – Expert Empires

“Worked with Spike Smith
(ex Morrissey Drummer)”

” Within 90 days of working with Veronica, I had launched my new online program, made 16 sales, and enhanced my 1:1 package with sales flowing from Facebook!”

“Blown Away with the Ease and Impact
of Selling my Online Course”

Joining the Mastermind was a scary investment for me but so worth it. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough because it has got me to a place that I couldn’t have imagined for myself!

Dawn Fry – New Dawn Mentoring

“Made a $2,000 Sale Through
Facebook Messenger”

“I followed Veronica’s warm outreach strategy and generated a $2,000 sale from one message!”

Yvonne Halling – B&B Coach

“My Business Was Transformed
Within 90 Days of Joining Mastermind”

“Made 16 sales of my new online program and a revamped my 1:1 program that now sells with ease – within just 90 days since joining Mastermind!

Vee o’Brien – Vee Vital

“Best Business Month in 4 Years!”

Within five days, I sold out my online programme. It’s the fastest offer that’s ever sold out for my business. And it was so easy!

Anneliese McKay – Rebellious Content

“Sold my Highest Priced 1:1 Offer

and Filled my Program”

” I launched the online course I’d wanted to create for several years, and made £1700 in a few days, with no Facebook ads”

Claire Butler – The Style Expert

“143 Email Subscribers from One Comment

and Challenge Launch Sales of Program”

Also generated 18 sales of our online program from hosting a free challenge on Facebook”

Elaine Halligan – The Parent Practice

“Started Getting Results Almost Immediately

“Mile-Deep Marketing started getting results almost instantly. I didn’t expect results to come so soon.”

Anne Gould – Visual Content Mentor

“13 Sales of my Brand New Online Course

“I sold 5 places straight off the bat, then I ran a free challenge on Facebook, and made another 7 sales!”

Aileen Lane – Lane Image Consulting

“Paying Clients Now

Coming to Me from Facebook

“Through working with Veronica, I’ve gained more confidence, more visibility, and more clients from Facebook.”

Jo Dyer – The Garden Whisperer