When your audience think about buying what you sell, what are they scared of?

And do you soothe those fears in your sales copy?

Every human on the planet is hard-wired to desire ‘safety’ and ‘security’.

What Are Your Prospects Scared of?

If you do not call out their fears in your copy and address them head on, they WILL NOT buy!

Any time we think about making a change in our life and business, we worry that change is a threat to our feelings of security.

When people read your promo copy online, they have an internal dialogue telling them all the ways that buying from you is a THREAT to what they know and trust!

Say for example, you sell adult singing lessons.

What might a person considering buying your ‘learn to sing’ program be scared of?

  • Having no talent and being asked to leave the class?
  • Making a tit of themselves and getting mocked by the others?
  • Their friends thinking they have got ideas out of their station?

If you do not call out their fears in your copy and address them head on, they WILL NOT buy!

Their fear of the threat will drive them to say no.

However, if your copy clearly communicates that you know they “worry about making a tit of yourself”…

And clearly communicates how your offer takes that problem off the table: “you will be joining a small, private community, a safe and supportive space, with people like you who have wanted to learn for years but always been too nervous to try.”…

… they’ll be eager to say yes because it’s obvious you understand them.

You have thought about their needs and made an effort to ‘keep them safe’.

Want to generate more sales online?

Alleviate the fears of the lurkers in the background of your audience, too nervous of the perceived threat to their sense of safety to want to buy from you.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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