I started reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” recently.

If you’ve not read it yet, it’s a story of two dads: Robert Kiyosaki’s dad, an employed teacher (poor dad), and his friend Mike’s dad who owns a bunch of businesses [rich dad}.

The standout message from the couple of chapters I’ve read so far is, “poor people work for money. Rich people get money to work for them.”

I’m not a fan of calling people ‘rich’ or ‘poor’, because, it’s subjective.

So, I’m going to switch ‘rich’ for ‘CAN generate income from a coaching and expert business, long term’ and ‘poor’ for ‘CAN’T generate an income from a coaching and expert business, long term’.

And I’m taking ‘get money to work for you’ to mean, ‘CREATE assets for generating income’.

‘CAN’T’ coaches and experts exchange their time for money and generate their income from ‘rented assets.’

Our time is rented from our body. We cannot control the number of hours available to be exchanged for income.

At any point, the number of hours available to us can be reduced or taken away.

Rented assets can also mean, “other people’s”.

For example, relying on a third-party staying in business or retaining popularity for you to continue generating income.

‘CAN’ coaches use rented assets for leverage and create their own assets for generating income.

A coach or expert who turns their expertise into a Signature Process and creates a Signature Program is leveraging their time and building their own asset they can sell over and over, to generate income long-term …

(Like Robert Kiyosaki did with his ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ offerings 20 odd years ago.)

Coaches and experts who create something of value for their ideal clients that they can access for free (lead magnet), is building their biggest asset – a database …And coaches and experts who leverage other rented assets like Facebook to communicate with their ideal clients, has created an asset in the form of a marketing strategy that will outlive any specific platform …

… will generate an income from their coaching and expert business, long-term.

That’s why, the first thing we work on together when you join my Mile-Deep Marketing Mastermind, is to plan, promote, and get paid for an online program you love, are super excited to deliver, and will sell with ease. … (asset/s)

Then, to bring ideal clients into your orbit consistently, you’ll create, plan, launch and deliver a Viral Lead Magnet and Facebook group challenge that converts into (additional) paying clients … (assets)

And, you’ll master Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing to amplify the results of your offer and lead magnets, so the assets you have created continue to bring bigger and bigger results … (assets)

If you’re an introvert coach or expert and want to leverage rented assets and create your own assets for generating income long term, with my step-by-step PROVEN process, with me and your super-supportive peer network right by your side…

And, you’re ready to consistently generate leads and reliably attract paying clients into your online programs and services organically through Facebook – WITHOUT having to force yourself to act like an extrovert or pay for ads yet…

I invite you to join my Introvert Online Marketing Academy

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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