The way I started this business in 2010 was by buying into a ‘business opportunity’.

It was called ‘My Social Media Business’ (MySMB) and for £750 we received a training program that taught us about the various social media platforms, mentorship to support us with starting a business and a branding pack (logo, domain name and website).


My first logo

      Pic is my MySMB logo from 2010

There were 200 ‘franchisees’ in my group and the primary market was mums who wanted a business they could ‘run in 30 minutes a day’.

I’d already been socialising online for 15 years by this time. I’d had a Facebook profile for three years, been very active on Twitter for nearly two years, and a freelance copywriter for four months.

So it’s fair to say I was already ‘qualified’ to be a Social Media Manager, but I saw investing in MySMB as a way in to building a business around what I was doing for fun.

As you’d expect, many of the others who joined were brand new to social media and selling services.

Within the program, we were instructed to position ourselves as “Social Media Marketing Experts” and sell clients into retainer packages to set up and manage their social media accounts.

So, off we went into the big, wide, marketplace world, freshly logo-ed and website-d, and excited to serve and start making money.

Oh dear!

The reaction to us within the industry was NOT GOOD!

There were three guys in particular who were already established as experts, who completely lost their 💩 over us taking on paying clients.

They never came after me personally but day after day, they would be on Twitter ranting about us, writing persuasive essays against us, calling out the MySMB ‘franchise’ and the people in it as ‘faux experts’.

Aghast at how we could dare to even imagine we could be social media marketing experts, let alone blatantly claiming to be!

Warning people not to buy from us because we will leave a trail of broken brands by being rubbish.

Raging at how we would give the social media marketing industry a bad name because we wouldn’t live up to our promises.

Ripping the pi$$ out of MySMBers who were finding their blog because they should know about Google Alerts.

Railing against having 200 mediocre social media managers flood the market because we will stop people trusting the ‘genuine’ experts.

For a while, it was RELENTLESS!

We all had the same logo so we were easy to spot too.

14 years on, those three guys survived ‘MySMB-gate’.

Of the original 200 MySMBers from 2010, I think there are a handful of us still in social media marketing today.

They were correct that many in that group were not the expert Social Media Marketing Managers they were claiming to be.

I’m reminded of this when I see established business owners in the coaching and travel industries talking about all the people investing in MLM and MRR (buying a course and reselling that course as your own) ‘business opportunities’ flooding their marketplace.

New business owners who have invested in their dream and knowing no better, are following the teachings and examples of people who are doing what us old hands know is poor practice, not compliant or unwise.

Those three guys and others who had been in the game for years knew that what we were being taught to do was bad advice.

Old timers calling out the poor practices in their industries today are right too.

But you don’t need to be troubled by them.

They’re not going to stop you succeeding.

They’re no reason to hide your light or quit.

Just crack on with doing your thing, your way.

And the true experts in the latest wave of newbies will find their right path too.

After all, the cream always rises to the top.

That’s why you’re still here.❤️

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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