I’m utterly in love with the story of the singer, Daniel Rooney.
“Who’s he?”, you’re probably thinking.
That’s why the story is so great.
You might have known that Olly Murs was Take That’s support on all their UK dates of this tour.
Well  on the 3rd May 2023, Olly’s flight was delayed and then cancelled so he couldn’t get to Glasgow in time.
Daniel Rooney is a musician who sings covers.
Daniel was performing in a hotel bar that Ross King happened to be in.
Ross King is an entertainment journalist.
So wowed was Ross by Daniel’s performance, he called Take That and said they should offer him Olly’s slot.
So they did.
Daniel was apparently told that if he could pack up and get to the arena in the next’s 30 minutes, he would be performing to Take That’s 14,000 fans as their support.
He made it and the fans loved him.
I love this story because it shows what is available to all of us.
Daniel following his dream and putting himself out there as a performer.
Ross accidentally seeing, and loving his performance.
Ross putting himself out there as an authority in entertainment.
Ross building relationships that mean his opinion is trusted.
Ross recognising an opportunity to help his friends (Take That) and open a door for Daniel, pulling out his phone and making the call.

The relationship he’d built meant his call was picked up.

And Daniel became an  “overnight” success.
14,000 new people have heard him perform.
Millions more people across the UK and potentially the world, would know his name.
He now has a public endorsement from Gary Barlow on Insta that he can screenshot and share to evidence his credibility for the rest of his life.
All this happens online too.
Through standing out on other people’s posts, you get ‘accidentally’ spotted.
Through regularly standing out, you build relationships.
Through writing value and insight content (not just your written posts, but your comments and private messages too), you demonstrate your knowledge and showcase your energy.
That leads to you working with your DREAM clients – including well known people with a large engaged crowd.
Who will publicly endorse you.
Who will tell their friends and clients about you in passing so they “accidentally” get to know of you too.
And who will recommend you when asked for an intro to an expert in your space.
It’s all there waiting for you when you optimise, then amplify your visibility, and authority through the words you write online – your messaging, marketing and mindset.
This is what I do and it’s what I help my clients do.
I can help you when you’re ready, you can see the services I offer in my bio.
Or start with my FREE GUIDE to skyrocketing your visibility, authority and revenue through standing out on other people’s posts.
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Veronica Pullen

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