Do you remember that big business expo that was at the O2 in 2012?

I think it was called “Business 2012” and it was billed as being the biggest and best business event in Britain ever.

Well known marketers paid tens of thousands to speak on the stage because it was going to be such a big deal.

But on the day it all kind of fell apart.

It went ahead but lots went wrong, it severely undelivered, and received a ton of criticism.

In all other respects, it was like a prequel to the Fyre Festival.

I was reminded of it when we watched the Channel 5 documentary about the Wonka-inspired ‘ Willy’s Chocolate Experience’ in Glasgow.recently.

I don’t think either of the guys who ran these two events set out to rip anyone off.

I believe both were well intentioned.

They both had BIG dreams and the guts to go make them happen.

They are visionaries who had brilliant ideas and grand plans.

But they lacked the all round expertise and experience to pull the vision off.

The Wonka guy is suffering for his dream.

He’s lost a lot over it and is in emotional pain now.

He mentioned several times he is Dyslexic.

It’s not a huge reach to think he may have rejection sensitivity too (RSD).

I hope he can pick himself up and doesn’t shut down his creative brilliance.

But I hope he doesn’t do the same thing again and expect it to be better next time.

What I would love to see happen next is that he is snapped up by a big marketing agency who value his creative vision and pay him well to dream big again.

With the expertise in their team to make rhe reality as brilliant as he imagined it.

Sometimes you will try something and it won’t go well.

That doesn’t mean you are a bad person or a failure.

It might mean, right idea, wrong time or wrong strategy …

– in which case you ask an expert to assess and advise, and then you try again.

It might mean you should work with an expert to improve your skill …

– like when your offer doesn’t sell and you book me to improve the offer’s value in your sales copy with you before your next launch.

It might mean you should partner with someone who brings the expertise you are missing to the table …

– like when you have the most amazing program that changes lives and you bring me in to help you find the right words to put across how great it is.

Just don’t give up. ❤️

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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