The seven lessons I learnt in English classes at school that I had to unlearn when I began writing online content and copy.

#1 – Paragraphs of 3-4 sentences are too dense for online writing.

Assume your followers are reading on their phone.

Large chunks of text will be overwhelming.

Write single sentence paragraphs with space in between… like this.

#2 – “I write in reference to point 2 on the enclosed graphic.”

We hear your voice in our head when we read your posts.

Speak your copy aloud to check it sounds like you.

Nobody talks like that! Do they?!

#3 – I used to triple check my writing in case I made a typo.

I also thought anyone with a spelling mistake in their post would thank me for pointing it out.

Guess how that went down?! LOL!

I no longer sweat typos and errors in online copy.

Imperfect action will outsell perfect inaction, 100% of the time!

And anyone who says they refuse to work with a copywriter who publishes copy with errors, is missing out, big time!

#4 – Some of the BEST copywriters I know are Dyslexic.

I have clients who, who for a variety of reasons have believed they “cannot write well!”

If you WANT to write wonderful words, you CAN!

My “cannot write well” clients?

They now pour out the most AMAZING posts that give their followers tingles.

Magnetic energy and making sales!

*Chef’s kiss*

If you have a desire to write compelling copy and content that converts, I will help you share your message with the world.

DM me.

#5 – Mr Johnson, my old English teacher praised my long, descriptive sentences.

For online copy, keep sentences short too.

#6 – But Mr J was unimpressed anytime a sentence began with a coordinating conjunction.

Online, it’s a conversational style.

(Yes, I did have to ask Google what ‘joining words’ are called!)

Seems “Small Word Syndrome” was a thing!

#7 – When you are designed to respond, prompts and templates can be powerful tools for activating your flow of inspiration.

Decide you ‘need’ to write a post and you’ll sit staring at a blank screen for hours.

Reading a prompt often triggers a response.

Your response is content.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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