Attention Spans… Getting Shorter?

Attention spans are getting shorter, they say.

You need to keep your posts and emails short, you’re told.

It’s short posts that get the most engagement so don’t bother writing good content anymore as nobody reads it, you might have told yourself.

Well, yeah, but no.

But yeah!

It’s true that there is more competition for eyeballs these days, so attention is harder to get.

It’s also true that there’s more competition for attention these days, so people will stop reading and move on when they’re bored or the post or there’s nothing of any relevance or interest to them in it.

It’s true that short posts get more ENGAGEMENT than longer content, but your prospective clients ARE silently reading your longer content and BUYING – and NOT liking or commenting first!

Tell you what else is ABSOLUTELY true…

engaging stories capture attention and can hold it for a long time!

Hello, Netflix binges!

Good copy in your posts and emails will stop the scroll and keep your audience reading.

Now imagine this…

Your ideal client stops scrolling when they see your name pop up because they know they get value from reading what you have to say…

They enjoy your engaging story, read to the end and feel a slight tinge of envy at how you seamlessly linked your story to your offer…

And as they take in the details of your latest offer, they see from your sizzling sales copy that this could be just the ticket…

… and when at the end of your post you instruct them to click the link and buy, it feels like the natural next step for them to do just that.

And then, hold on… what is that sound?!

Oh… it’s the beep of your inbox pinging you with an alert to another payment notification.

Want to write engaging social media posts and emails that capture attention, engage your audience and bring ideal clients flocking into your inbox?

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Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
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