If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas you can write social media content about, these suggestions will be right up your street.

All three give you ideas ‘in response’.

Responding is the tap that turns on the flow of creative ideas for us introverts (and Generators and Manifesting Generators in Human Design).

So, be prepared with a notebook (or your phone’s notes app) to jot them down as they pop into your head.

#1: Rewrite old blog posts

Go back to blogs posted on your website from years past, and either take the same idea from that post and write it from a different angle or rewrite the same post but from your perspective today.

If you saw my recent ABC to-do list email, that was a rewritten blog post from 2014.

#2: Rewrite your ‘on this day’ Facebook posts/stories

Check your Facebook memories to see what you posted on this day in years gone by.

Either write a new post based on the same idea or rewrite the old post with an updated perspective.

#3: Start with a viral content template

Take this template for example, which says:

Top 4 scheduling tools” – for which they’ve listed, “Planoly, Later, Buffer, and Canva’”

Viral Content Template Example

        Viral Content Template Example.   

I bet you could easily come up with a list of “top 4” things that are relevant to your business?

Perhaps even 2 or 3 separate lists.

You’re already thinking, aren’t you? J

This specific template has come from June’s collection in the Viral Content Club.

I’m a lifetime member of the Club, and each month we receive 20 new viral content templates; 10 each, in 2 (fully editable) colourways.

Like this one, all 10 templates contain examples, showing you how you could use the graphic for yourself.

If you took 10-15 minutes to scroll through the 10 Club templates on the day they drop and wrote down 3 different ways you could use each one, you’d have a month of ideas you can write social media content about.

There is also a bonus set of templates every month. Previous bouses have included ‘Facebook group engagement posts’, ‘online product bundle graphics’, and ‘carousel sets’.

This month’s bonus is a belter – 2 sets of A4 eBook/workbook/lead magnet templates.

I figured you might like to check the Viral Content Club out for yourself.

And the best way to show you is a screen share video so you can see everything we have received inside the Club templates collection and bonuses this month.

Be good to see you over there if you like what’s on offer.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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