I was asked this week if I ever worry about losing access to my paid program content stored using the Facebook group units, were Facebook to have a meltdown.

I don’t, because I have a ‘Plan A, B, and C’!

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Having a plan B for the plan B!

Plan A: every Facebook group has at least three admins.

Me, plus at least two others.

I recommend wherever possible, that one of those ‘others’ lives in your household – or, close enough nearby that you could get to them in a hurry.

That way, if you ever found yourself locked out of your Facebook account, you could log in through the other person’s account to communicate with your members.

Plan B: capture and store the email addresses of your buyers.

We do this automatically through our order forms, but if you are using PayPal for example, at the very minimum keep a spreadsheet of all the email addresses.

Should Facebook disappear completely, you can communicate with your buyers by email.

Plan C is my local storage and filing system.

I had assumed (d’oh!) that ‘everyone’ would have a filing system like this, but during the conversation with my Introvert Online Marketing Academy group this week, turns out I’m unique in my content organisation.

First time I’ve ever been the most organised in the room lol!

1: I record video lessons iusing Zoom, and I create a separate Zoom meeting for each lesson.

Each meeting is named to identify what it relates to:

E.g. “IOMA4 Selling Through Messenger” is the Selling Through Messenger lesson in Module 4 of the “Introvert Online Marketing Academy”.

When the captions and transcript files are received back from Rev, they are stored in the individual meeting folder too. As is the thumbnail graphic.

Now, everything for that lesson is in one place… making life easy if we need to upload the content elsewhere.

2: I save the link to every video (YouTube Unlisted), PDF (DropBox or Amazon S3) and additional resource (e.g. Amazon links to recommended books) I deliver inside each lesson in a spreadsheet.

So, Plan C is, worse case, I can email this spreadsheet to buyers, and they can access their content via the links in the spreadsheet.

So, there you have it.

Hopefully my paranoid ‘prepare for plan B of every plan B’ system will be valuable for you too.


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