As a young child, I was always reading books or writing.

I’d write letters to people asking for what I or people I knew wanted or needed.

I wrote to the editor of our local paper asking for a job as a journalist, when I must have only been about 8 or 9.

Another time, my mum’s elderly friend’s house was flooded and she had no money to replace her stuff.

I wrote to our insurance company and asked if they’d help her.

I knew who they were as the man from Liverpool Victoria would come to the door every Friday to collect the premiums.

I’d write to my friends’ parents and ask if they could appear in my play – that I had written – on Sunday afternoon because it was going to rain, and inviting them to buy a ticket to come and watch.

Occasionally I’d go to London with my mum on the train and I’d make a scrapbook of my day out, glueing postcards and ticket stubs on the pages in order of occurrence – like a chronological diary of the day – probably remembered to the minute too, knowing me.

Then I’d write to my teacher to tell him about my trip and ask if he’d like to look at the scrapbook.

All while I was at middle school btw, younger than 12.


I’d forgotten all this until I saw a question on Facebook asking about our childhood creative pursuits.


But clearly my interest in writing ‘persuasion’ copy started early!

Funny how something I was doing as a child for fun is such a big part of my work today in helping introverts better communicate their own products and services with compelling promo copy.

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Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
Veronica Pullen, AKA The MIle-Deep Marketing Queen helps coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, experts, speakers, and therapists to attract your ideal, like-minded clients from your 'Mile-Deep' Facebook marketing, networking, group challenges, and ads.
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen