When you have lots on your plate and your to-do list is spanning whole sides of A4, it’s easy to slip into overwhelm.

You forget important stuff, and probably not much is getting done because the list is so out of control you don’t know where to start.

Years ago, I discovered a neat way of organising my priorities, that I still use, day in day out, even now.

It’s called the “ABC task management system”.

Your To Do List

Your To Do List should be as easy as A B C

You go down your list and allocate each task a letter, or ‘grade’.

Tasks that go on the “A” list are income generating activities.

These might be, putting together a compelling offer, writing your sales copy, following up with a prospective client, sending invoices – stuff that will get leads and sales flowing into your business.

Once you’ve moved all your important tasks into your “A” list, pick one, and get it done.

ONE A list task MUST get done EVERY day!

Next, it’s the turn of the “B” list.

On here goes everything that will maintain your income, or less important “A” tasks.

Writing marketing content and emails to go out in future would be a “B”.

It could be scheduling your social media output, reviewing your Facebook ads, creating the next module of your program that is due next week.

Writing this email for me is an “A” task today because it’s going out tomorrow.

Suppose I wasn’t the chaotic creator that writes content a few hours before it is due to go out, and I became this organised person who writes emails weeks in advance, then that would be a “B” task.

Finally, we come to the “C” list and this one will probably be your favourite lol.

Everything on the “C” list will either only get done when you have a spare moment, OR you could easily outsource these tasks to someone else, buying you back time.

Entering receipts into Xero was a “C” task for me. Gone.

Scheduling that hypothetical email I’ve already written to send you next week? That would be a “C” list task.

Next time you look at your to-do list, go down the tasks and grade them.

Then get one “A” done, try and complete a “B” and ignore the “C”.

Takes alllll the pressure off when your only expectation on yourself today is to tick off two tasks.

Get the important stuff off your list and today will be a job well done.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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