If you can relate to these introvert traits, you’ve probably felt them to be (or been told they are) something you need to change about yourself – a disadvantage.

We live in a world that was created by, and for, extroverts.

That doesn’t make us introverts wrong or ‘less than’. It certainly doesn’t mean we have to act like an extrovert to attract clients from Facebook.

Here’s how you can work WITH five of your introvert traits…

You Know You're an Online Introvert

You Know You’re an Online Introvert When You…

#1: You get a real buzz from delivering live training and calls, but need a nap afterwards?

I absolutely LOVE live calls, and while I’m delivering them, my energy is high.

When it’s over, my energy crashes.

Yesterday afternoon, I delivered a live call with my clients. I wrote this in the morning as I knew I’d be all out of energy for creating content afterwards.

WORK WITH YOUR INTROVERT GIFT #1: Schedule your creative tasks for BEFORE you complete your extrovert tasks.

Schedule low-creativity tasks and downtime for afterwards.

#2: You excitedly look into attending events, then realise you’ll have to leave the house.

Extroverts get their energy externally – from being around people.

Introverts get theirs internally.

When extroverts teach that “people need to get out and meet people”, they mean that they need do.

You don’t. Unless you want to.

You can meet more people and enjoy more meaningful conversations online, especially with video calls.

WORK WITH YOUR INTROVERT GIFT #2: If attending events and offline networking drains you, stop going or reduce the number you attend.

Your Facebook newsfeed is chock full of “small networking events” you can attend without leaving home.

Choose the method of meeting new people that you enjoy the most, not what someone who isn’t like you says is “vital” to ‘your’ success.

#3: You declare a day when you don’t have to leave the house as a good day.

As above, extended to attending in-person meetings.

WORK WITH YOUR INTROVERT GIFT #3: It’s perfectly acceptable to suggest meeting over Zoom instead of in-person.

That way, a 15-minute meeting takes you away from your focus for half an hour.

Compare that to the time and energy you lose getting ready to leave the house, travelling AND the decompression/recovery time afterwards.

#4: You prefer to scroll your newsfeed when you are tired, as you don’t have the energy to write a post.

Extroverts who are hard-wired to initiate conversations and communication find responding tiring.

Introverts are the opposite.

Writing a post needs energy, hence why I wrote this before I hosted my group call.

Extrovert marketers teach that the more you post on Facebook, the more visible you are.

That’s not true for introverts.

Every time you comment on a post, you and your business are on a global stage. You are ALREADY visible!

The key to consistently generating enquiries and leads is responding to the right posts in the right way, so you are ultra-visible to the people most likely to buy.

Showing interest in others makes you interesting.

Interesting people are intriguing. Those who see you will be checking you out.

Intriguing people are invested in.

WORK WITH YOUR INTROVERT GIFT #4: Spend 80% of your time on Facebook ‘mile-deep’, and as long as you post 1-2 expert authority posts a week, your inboxes will beep with new enquiries regularly.

#5: You’d rather speak from stage than network with a group of people

If the idea of speaking from stage doesn’t fill you with joy, set that aside for the moment. It’s more about the challenge of ‘working a room’.

Working the room is initiating, which isn’t natural for us.

When you speak from stage, you can focus on the delivery of your content, you’re at ease in your knowledge, and with no need for small talk, you can get straight into the meat.

WORK WITH YOUR INTROVERT GIFT #5: If the networking organisation has a Facebook group or event, spend time engaging with posts in the group/event (being interested) to become well-known in their community (become interesting).

When you arrive at the event, you won’t have to initiate conversations because people will recognise and approach you.

You can stay in your responder flow.

If you resonate with any or all these traits, you don’t have to change who you are to succeed.

Your introvert traits and instinctive style of communication are your gifts.

Online, your gifts give you an advantage.

After all, no matter what the algorithms do with our newsfeeds, there’ll always be opportunities to be interesting, intriguing and invested in, ‘mile-deep’!


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