If you want to attract premium paying clients from Facebook but the only people coming forwards are the freebie hunters and tyre kickers, your ‘values language’ might be out of whack.

Let’s be honest… it sucks when you’re showing up on Facebook with regular content and offers, but the only people coming forwards are those who want freebies, eh?

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Are your Facebook Posts not Attracting the Paying Clients?

If your Facebook audience aren’t buying, the first thing to look at is what you’re posting on Facebook.

You are what your clients are buying – your knowledge or services.

There is no such thing as business and personal Facebook.

There is only YOU!

We align with (and buy from) people who we think are like us, or like the future version of ourselves that we want to be.

And this is where the issue can raise its head.

Let’s say you’re a wedding planner and you sell a premium wedding planning service.

The clients you want to attract are brides and grooms who have big wedding budgets.

They invest in your services because they want their wedding day to be a premium experience, but don’t want the pressure of planning the wedding.

Ultimately, they’re trading your time for their money, Time is valuable to them.

Now, if right now you have more time than money, you might see saving money by exchanging time as a win – something to celebrate.

Say for example, you manage to save yourself a few hundred pounds by taking a 12-hour train journey instead of a 2-hour flight.

And you’re chuffed with this bargain, so you share it with your friends on Facebook.

Right there is the values language mismatch.

The big budget brides and grooms you want to attract value their time.

By celebrating this ‘win’, your ‘marketing’ has let them know that you are NOT ‘one of them’.

But, the people who also have less money than time are aligning with you, but they aren’t buying.

Which isn’t to say you should be lying or pretending to be someone you’re not.

But you should be aware that EVERYTHING you post ANYWHERE on Facebook is MARKETING.

And it’s entirely your choice whether your marketing calls in PAYING clients or NON-paying clients.


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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