Meet The Mile-Deep Marketing Royal Family

Veronica Pullen Introverted, Veronica Pullenever-ready with a witty comeback, and almost never seen without an Apple device in her hand, a cup of tea beside her, and her Prince William and Chihuahua Princesses nearby.

True to type Capricorn, high-Dynamo energy Creator (Star/Mechanic), INFP, Veronica is rarely spotted offline, but online, omnipresent, delivering her unique brand of 5* attention in every royal engagement.

Just don’t show up with instant coffee, an errant apostrophe, a negative mindset, or wearing white socks or you’ll be sent to the tower to orf with your ‘ead!

Meet Veronica Pullen… in 200 (ish) words:

Born Christmas Eve 1970, dad died, only child of single parent, partially deaf, frumpy kid, bullied, teachers’ pet, Rheumatoid Arthritis, school boring, boys, 1 o’level, YTS trainee, full time, leave home at 18, engaged, bought flat, 2 cats, Psychiatric Nursing Asst, teetotal, Deputy Accounts Manager, married, 125% mortgage, bought house, Retinitis Pigmentosa, driving licence revoked, socialising online, 2 more cats, qualified Bookkeeper, Group Accounts Manager of travel company, loads of holidays, Member Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT), self-employed Bookkeeper, Fellow Member in Practice AAT, divorced, Payroll Manager at St Barnabas Hospice, meet husband on Facebook, bankrupt, move away from Worthing (to Redhill), Copywriter gigs on Elance, Social Media Manager, marry husband on Twitter, hubby unhappy with income, Speaker, published Author, develop Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™, Small Business Coach of the Year, Kindle Author, speak at Reebook Stadium, income better, want a dog, 5 more awards, hubby sacks off job to work with me full time, fulfil 20+ year dream to move to Isle of Wight, get dog, share stage with Ryan Deiss at event, step fully into alignment, launch 10 Days to Sold Online program, transformational client results, get another dog, mum dies, host live event, fantastic program testimonials, members selling online programs for first time, Big Money, Small Audience program.

Or, click here for a longer A-Z introduction to Veronica. 🙂



Bill Boswell | Managing Partner | Word of Mouth Local Social Media Consultancy

Bill Boswell, Head Butler and Master of the Royal Household is Veronica’s husband and our Customer Relationship Manager. Winner of several customer service awards, and with a passion for delivering an outstanding experience to our clients,

He’s a movie, comedy, and music geek, running his own movie blog at and his most prized possession is his Unlimited Cinema Card. Bill also manages Pepper and Teddy’s Facebook page, and regularly wins Twitter contests – ensuring a regular arrival of what Veronica calls “clutter” through the letterbox!

Veronica and Bill even met on Facebook and married on Twitter! 🙂


Rigette Oseteo


Rigette Oseteo, the First Lady of Graphic Design for Marketers is our in-house graphic designer, and creates winning graphics for us and our clients. If you need infographics, social media headers/backgrounds, website headers, eBook covers, or any other shiny online marketing graphics, check out how Rigette can help, and drop us a line. Then we’ll let Rigette. the magic sparkling superstar get to work



Pepper and Teddy WebsiteAnd finally, the two furry members of the family starting with the eldest, Princess Pepper, Veronica and Bill’s ‘Teacup‘ Chihuahua who is our very own Royal Diva. Born on Independence Day 2012, Pepper came to claim her regal place on the royal island in October 2013 – with a very clear ambition of being Lady of the Manor!

Then, we have Princess Teddy, also a ‘Teacup‘ Chihuahua, born in August 2016, who joined the family in February 2017. Being a baby, Teddy only works part-time, but helps Pepper as her Junior Admin over at the My Teacup Chihuahua Facebook page, and ‘helps‘ Daddy as his ‘in-house‘ shredder, specialising in the flyers and letters that appear on the doormat each day.

For the rest of the day, both veer between eating daddy’s food, snuggling under the duvet, barking at the door, and enjoying cuddles.

Oh, and they love cake – home made only though, dahlink!