Waiting for our MacBook to be restored in the Apple Store last week, I was observing the room and it struck me how alike a Facebook group the store is.

Security on the door = private visible group.

Staff wandering around = group moderators.

Genius Bar staff = group experts.

Customers in store = group members.

Videos playing, product displays, and the training sessions you access in store = group posts and videos.

Conversations at the desks = posts and comments.

Waiting area = group joining questions.

Sitting on bedside cabinets in the waiting area = I have no words, except “WHY?”!

Apple Store Furniture

     Apple Store Furniture 🍏🪑

Just like in a Facebook group, if you were to visit the store regularly and chat with the people inside, taking an interest in them, you would very soon become WELL KNOWN to them.

When you regularly impart your knowledge to help people, you soon become WELL RESPECTED for your expertise.

And when you are a well liked and respected member of the community who is known for your knowledge, you become the person who is constantly tagged, referred to and WELL PAID!

Once you are at this stage in one Facebook group, your reputation spreads pretty rapidly and you’ll be regularly invited into other people’s audiences of your ideal clients, enquiries will land in your DMs and signing new paying clients.

Many business owners are interacting in Facebook groups but few know how to become the ”big fish in the small pond” first choice when members and their friends are looking to buy.

So, I created a FREE GUIDE that shows you how to stand out EFFECTIVELY on other people’s content – your effortless path to unlocking your limitless flow of ideal client leads and sales.

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Veronica Pullen

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