There are 2 Billys in my life.

One is tall and hairy.

The other is Billy Bear.

He works at Butlin’s, so we see him once a year.

The entertainment staff at Butlin’s are called Redcoats.

Billy Bear is theoretically a Redcoat too. (a Tedcoat?)

Except Billy isn’t the same as the other Redcoats.

Billy has his own unique, instantly recognisable Signature brand.

Billy’s signature brand means his name is synonymous with Butlin’s.

Most people couldn’t tell you the name of any of the other Redcoats.

They blur into one.

Except Billy.

His signature brand makes him memorable.

As a coach or expert, you will come across lots of other people on Facebook offering broadly the same service as you.

So how do you stand out from the others?

Why should people work with you and not someone else in your space?

This is where coaches and experts can start getting caught up in believing they have to follow the crowd on how they promote their services, and the level of income they can generate!

This is where introverts can start to feel overwhelmed – not knowing how to stand out and not wanting to be the loudest person ‘in the room’.

Finding themselves blending into the background, hoping that someone will see them, realise they’re the best at what they do, and buy.

And when that doesn’t happen, they lose confidence in thenselves, and their belief in their ability to generate a good income online slips away.

But listen, there is a simpler way.

Develop your own signature method – your unique process that you apply when you work with your clients, to help them get from where they are now, to the result they want to achieve.

No matter whether you are an expert based on years of self-taught experience or you are certified in your topic, the way you apply what you know with your clients is unique to you.

That’s because how you interpret what you have learnt along the way is down to your own set of beliefs, perceptions, and life experiences, that you filter your learning through.

You are already working with your clients in a unique way.

What you haven’t yet done is documented that process to develop your own signature method.

But when you do, you’ll stand out from the crowd in your Category of One.

Your dream paying clients will flow to you, without you having to shout louder!

And, when you turn your signature method into a signature program that you deliver online, you’ll remove all income limits too.

You’ll be able to work with nationally and globally based clients.

And spend more time communicating in your instinctive introvert style – responding to the increased enquiries you’ll receive!




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Veronica Pullen

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