3 Places You’re Writing (and Wasting!) Social Media Content!

For many of the introverted business owners I speak with, posting authority content on social media regularly is something they struggle with.


Same for you, too?


Maybe it’s because you never know what to write about …


You don’t have the time or energy to write content from scratch every time…


Or, because you’re unsure what your audience will want to read.


Every single person I speak to about this has one thing in common!


They are ALREADY writing content that their audience want to read but because they don’t write it intending that it’ll become a social media post, they’re letting all their effort go to waste.


I am willing to bet my next coconut latte that in the last month, you’ve written at least 3 social media posts, without having to think about what you’ll say – yet none of the people following you on social media or who read your emails saw a single word of ‘em!


1: Email reply to a prospect


Someone who is interested in working with you got in touch with a question about whether what you’re selling will work for them.


Reuse your response to reach the people in your audience who have the same query but are not asking you.

Copy your reply, edit out any part that would identify them, add the question as an intro and a bit of context, pop a CTA on the end.

Publish on your socials and send as an email to your list.

2: Question you answered for a client

One of your clients asked a great question about the work you’re doing together in your Facebook group.

You wrote your detailed response as a comment, then scrolled on.

This is your valuable knowledge that showcases your expert authority to your audience.

Copy and paste your comment into a new post, publish it.

3: Comment you wrote in a group where your ideal clients hang out too

Similar to #2, this time it’s a comment helping a person in someone else’s group with a problem they have,


Someone in your audience has the same issue so copy and paste your response into a new post as it will be useful to them too.


Remember, if you are a Generator/Manifesting Generator you’re designed to do your best work, ‘in response’.


Reusing your responses as posts is your ‘path of least resistance’ to increasing the magnetism of your posts and improving your results.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
Veronica Pullen, AKA The MIle-Deep Marketing Queen helps coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, experts, speakers, and therapists to attract your ideal, like-minded clients from your 'Mile-Deep' Facebook marketing, networking, group challenges, and ads.
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen