I am really excited about LinkedIn newsletters as a way of reaching your most engaged prospects.

You can read the articles in my newsletter here:

But you are not usually a raving fan of LinkedIn V, so what has got you so excited about newsletters’, you may be thinking?

I’m glad you asked.

#1: They are perfect if you do not yet have a lead magnet AND when you do!

When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they are notified in LinkedIn each time you publish a new article…

AND the article is sent to their email address associated with LinkedIn…

… where they can read the full article in glorious technicolour.

It’s like 2016 again when “sign up for my newsletter” was enough of an incentive to your audience and you were able to grow your email list without much effort.

Plus, when you do have a lead magnet already, you can invite your LI newsletter readers to download your freebie, so you grow your actual email list alongside.

#2: Newsletter subscribers are more interested in your work that your average LI connection

A connection who has given permission to LinkedIn to NOTIFY them when you publish a new article AND authorised them to send it via email is MUCH more likely to become a customer than someone who scrolls past your stuff in their feed – assuming they even see it.

So, consider your newsletter subscribers as an ‘interested’ segment of your prospective clients who possibly are not connected to you anywhere else yet.

Respect them as such too.

I assume that when you are receiving my emails and my LinkedIn articles, I’m being granted access to two separate email inboxes.

Certainly, that’s true for me.

As such, it would be disrespecting your attention to duplicate what I send you.

The articles I post in my newsletter will be exclusive– either written especially, or content I’ve shared with you here or on social but expanded on.

For example, the first article was an extended version of an email I had sent a week or so earlier with an extra tip and a few lols which I hope you enjoy.

The second article was written especially for the newsletter.

It wasn’t what I was originally intending to write, but I saw something that inspired a brand new article (#responderlife) on a topic I’ve covered before – again with a few added lols.

#3: Articles are created less often than posts

The ideal (doable) frequency for introverts posting on social media posts is daily.

However, most LinkedIn newsletters I have seen are published weekly or fortnightly.

I set mine to fortnightly, so I have plenty of opportunities to respond ahead of time so I can have articles written in advance, banked to post later.

Write good-quality, authority articles once a week or fortnight to showcase your expertise so they get a ton of value and you generate leads and subscribers.

The BAD news…!  

The window of opportunity for LinkedIn newsletters is NOW, before the masses jump on it and your connections get sick of being invited and turn the option off.

The option to stop receiving newsletter invitations has always been in settings. Now though, LinkedIn are prompting members to let them know they have this option.

Therefore, starting a newsletter is NOT something you should rush off and do on a whim!

You won’t hear me telling you to bish, bash, bosh this one!

Invitations to subscribe are sent to all connections when you publish your first article!

You only get ONE chance to make a compelling first impression and attract the max subscribers from the get go!

That’s why, in one of the 3x BRAND-NEW, LIVE workshops for the Spring 2022 cohort of my Introvert Online Marketing and Copywriting Academy  we’ll cover how to plan, create, and publish a high-impact LinkedIn newsletter –

– meaning not only can you apply your instinctive “in-response marketing strategies to unblock your flow of paying clients from LI and Facebook…

… but you’ll also be able to put your persuasive copywriting skills to work crafting engaging, authority articles that generate leads from your highly engaged, ‘interested’ audience


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