How to Sell the Value of Time in Your Sales Copy!


There are two separate messages you might want your prospects to hear when you communicating time in your sales copy…

  1. The amount of time they will have to put EFFORT in.
  2. The amount of time they will receive a REWARD for.

You can communicate the same length of time in a couple of different ways:

For example,

  • You can say, 1 week…
  • Or, you could say, 7 days!

Even though our logical brain knows that 1 week and 7 days are identical, 7 days FEELS longer than 1 week. 

Which means, the unit of time you choose can INCREASE or DECREASE the perceived value of your offer!

When you want your prospective buyers to feel they will receive a POSITIVE benefit for a LONGER period…

Use the HIGHER unit of time!

E.g. ‘28 days of unlimited Messenger support’!

When you communicate the length of effort your prospective buyers will have to put in if they buy, you want them to FEEL that will be shorter, so you use the LOWER unit of time!

E.g. ‘4 weeks of live masterclasses’!

Swap them around and suddenly your offer isn’t so attractive!

The way you construct your promo copy influences how your audience feel about you as an authority and the value of what you sell!

And that’s why, inside The Copywriting Academy program, you will learn how to write persuasive promo copy,

PLUS… you’ll get insights into how and why what appears to be a simple tweak like this one can dramatically increase your results – or not!

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Veronica Pullen

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