If you’re regularly time and cash poor, it may be time to consider changing the way you sell and deliver your services.

When I speak to coaches and experts who are super busy, yet aren’t reaching their income goals, at least one of these five reasons is usually the culprit.

Reason 1: Selling single sessions.

Selling single sessions means you repeatedly have to sell to the same person, and your diary and cashflow is unpredictable.

Instead, sell a bundle of sessions and resources for a fixed amount upfront.

Then, from one sale, you have guaranteed you’ll have sessions and income for a period.

Reason 2: Selling ‘time-based’ sessions.

Your years of experience will often mean you can ‘diagnose’ and fix problems faster.

However, if you’ve sold, say, a 60 minute session, but after 10 minutes the client has received the outcome they wanted, you leave yourself open to having to fill the remaining 40 minutes in order to give them the time you promised …

– when you could be using that time for another income generating task.

Instead, promise they’ll get the outcome or result you’ll help your client achieve, not the time it will take.

Reason 3: Not getting paid upfront

While your client is still ‘in pain’, their motivation to pay you is greatest.

Taking payment upfront means you’re not having to chase up (or write off!) unpaid invoices, when you’re already done the work.

Reason 4: Trying to solve all the problems

If you had a rare illness, you would value and pay the most to the doctor who ONLY works with patients who have your specific rare illness, who has glowing testimonials from previous patients they have cured of the same rare illness.

The narrower your niche, the more specific the problem you specialise in, the more prospective clients will seek you out, and the higher the fees you’ll be able to command.

Reason 5: Insisting on only selling “the best option”

Just because you believe that the ‘best’ solution is for the client to receive the full transformation, and for that to happen, they need to work with you 1:1 for 12 weeks, that does not mean your prospects will agree or be ready to invest at this level yet.

If you only offer a 1:1 deeply transformation option, you limit your income to the hours available to sell and deny the 80% of your prospects who want to pay for a self-study or group facilitated option.

Selling self-study and group programs means you get to sell the same hour of your time over and over, help more people by offering what they want to buy, AND your income potential becomes limitless.

The good news is, when you fix these issues and begin leveraging your time, creating lower and higher ticket online programs, you get to help more people, make a much bigger impact in the world, and generate more sales and income with ease, while spending fewer hours working.

Plus, if you choose to continue offering your 1:1 package, it will become your PREMIUM offering.

The value of your in-person time exponentially increases with the introduction of your 1:many online programs.

5 Reasons

Are you doing any of these and could you change?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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