Recently, I had a call with a client who was feeling down on themselves.

In their words they “hadn’t got anywhere this week” and confessed that they considered cancelling their call because they felt they had nothing to report.

Within 5 minutes, we had established that just in the space of a few days, FIVE massively positive things had happened in their business.

As an objective onlooker, it was clear to me they’d had a fantastic week and should be celebrating how well this month was going already.

Yet they were so caught up in a spiral of their negative thinking, they simply couldn’t see what was so amazing.

Those pesky negative voices are often the loudest of our internal chatter.

I do the same to myself sometimes… usually when I’m feeling exhausted.

I bet you do too.

I feel fortunate that in my role as a mentor I am able to support my Mastermind clients to reframe their negative beliefs, recognise how amazing they are, and help them feel much more positive about themselves.

Within minutes, we flip the script and they leave the call buzzing with ideas again.

If I asked you, “how has your week been?”

Would your response be positive?

Why not take 5 minutes now and jot down everything good that has happened to you this week… no matter how small the win, write it down.

Read your list back to yourself, ALOUD – hear the words and celebrate. Reward yourself… love yourself.

Then, reply to this email and tell me so I can celebrate with you.

Silence that inner critic chatterbox so their shouty nonsense, doesn’t knock you off course for days – or weeks.

Realise you are incredible and deserve to feel fantastic.

You’ve got this!


Realise you are incredible and deserve to feel fantastic.
With Love, Veronica

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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