Ever Changing Posts

Caterpillars are not the only things that change, have you noticed what is happening to your facebook reach? 


Facebook post reach has been decreasing even more than usual recently.

Have you noticed the same in your newsfeed too?

I think there’s some tinkering going on under the hood at Facebook HQ, which is causing a few breakages. My ads account came back to life on Monday without me doing anything as well.

Anyway, while I believe the ever-decreasing reach we’ve seen will rectify itself, we’re not going to see a dramatic upturn in the number of newsfeeds your posts go into anytime soon.

But this is GOOD news for ‘Mile-Deep Marketers’.

No matter what changes Facebook make to the algorithm, no matter how low the organic post reach goes, there will ALWAYS be opportunities for ‘mile-deep’ connections and conversations.


And, having invested the time in building relationships, you’ll always be able to personally reach people who WANT to hear from you because they’ve got to know, like, and trust you.

Thing is, it flies in the face of what other experts teaching Facebook marketing are saying.

I’ve no doubt that you’ve heard others say the ‘only’ way to succeed with Facebook is to “create more content and post more often”.

Most experts teaching this are natural or forced extroverts.

OR, they have hired extroverts to create masses of content for them.

OR they spend heavily on ads.

We’re not them.

We are introvert marketers who don’t have or want big content teams or ads budgets.


Nor do we want to FORCE ourselves to act like an extrovert, pushing to churn out content like a machine, 365 days a year!


Luckily, we don’t have to.


Mile-Deep Marketing switches your marketing activity away from 80% initiating, to 80% responding.


Whispers… the algorithm doesn’t apply ‘down there’! 


When only 20% of your visibility is dependent on post reach, you’ll not need to lose sleep over the algorithms!


When you start applying Mile-Deep Marketing principles to how you use Facebook, you’ll not only generate bigger and better results now, your business will continue to grow long-term, irrespective of what they do with the algorithms.


And… when you’re playing to your instinctive introvert strengths, marketing your business organically on Facebook will feel ease-y and fun too!

It’s our time to shine, #TeamIntrovert!

I can’t wait to share it with you!



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