If you want more of your social media followers to visit your sales page and be excited to buy when they finish reading, here are 7 tweaks you can make to your social media content and sales page copy:

1- How detailed your ideal client ‘call outs’ are

When you describe who your offer is for, be ultra specific, because we’re so used to terms like ‘coaches and therapists’ they don’t make us go, ‘YES! THAT’S ME’ anymore.

Do you sell services, programs, or digital products, post on social media and/or send emails to your list to connect with your audience and want to increase the number of ideal clients who buy online?

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2- How you describe the day to day impact of the problem you solve

The closer your copy resembles how your ideal clients describe what is frustrating them, the better it will perform.

3- How you describe what they want that your offer delivers

When they tell people what they are trying to achieve, how do they word it?

Look out for experts asking their audience what they are doing or aiming to do, and read the comments.

4- The benefits of every deliverable included

Highlight how each feature/deliverable (what YOU think is valuable) benefits them (what THEY value/buy) and adds another layer to the overall value of your offer.

Same for bonuses and support if you have those too.

5- The reason people should prioritise buying now

The first time they see your offer, their child is pulling on their clothes for attention, the phone is ringing and they’re trying to get out the door.

Second time they see it; they’ve just sat down after a long day and their card is in the other room.

Next few times they told themselves they’d buy later.

The tenth time is today, now.

If they don’t buy now there ia going to be some form of ‘negative consequence’.

Without a compelling reason to prioritise buying, your “I really want this” buyer is going to be lost.

What is that reason? Tell them.

6- The benefit of the mode or date or access

If your program is not starting for three weeks?

Tell them why that is really good for them.

Instant access? Tell them why that is better.

Got a holiday booked so you are away for a week in the middle of your live sessions?

If they ‘could’ perceive something in your offer as a negative, get ahead of their concern and sell it as a benefit.

7- The price

If you’re in UK, you’re not legally allowed to charge more for offering instalments.

You can discount for early payment though (pay in full).

From a buyer psychology perspective, if the full price is shown first and the instalments add up to more, your payment plan buyers will feel punished.

Unless both options total the same, show the instalments first so everyone feels great about buying.

BONUS: If you are stuck on how to boost the perceived value and clearly communicate the transformation in sales copy that will excite your ideal client to buy, let me write it for you.

More infomation here.

My copy tweaks that will improve your results

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