Compelling hooks are FELT by your potential buyers as an inner “OOF” when they recognise it’s them you’re talking about.

That’s what gets people to stop scrolling and keep reading.

If you want to capture your ideal buyers’ attention with your hook, they must instantly relate.

The word, ‘dream’ can usually be relied on when you want to make your hook more compelling.

  • Attract your ‘dream’ clients

  • Start your ‘dream’ business

  • Book your ‘dream’ holiday

However, when you use the word, ‘dream’ in your hook, your ideal buyers must genuinely have a ‘wish list’ for whatever it is you’re putting ‘dream’ in front of.

Otherwise, instead of your hook drawing prospects in, your readers are rolling their eyes and scrolling on.

An eye roll is what I did when I read this IKEA sign. 

“Plan your dream wardrobe for free, online or in-store.”

As business owners, we DO have certain people or personality types that are ‘dream’ clients.

Anyone aspiring to start a business or wishing they could do things differently in the one they already have, DO have a ‘dream’ of what that would be like.

And being able to travel to certain destinations or take specific types of holidays is a ‘dream’ held by many.

In those examples, the word ‘dream’ is relatable.

But ‘dream’ wardrobe?!


If ‘dream wardrobe’ was referring to the clothes, I’d get it.

If they meant, walk in wardrobes, that would make sense too.

From the picture, we can see they’re referring to custom designing a space-maximising shelving/hanging combo that will effectively fit what you want to store. 

It’s neat.

I’d say it IS a DREAM:

  • “Clothing storage system”

  • “Bedroom organiser”

  • Or, “clutter free home”…

Especially when space is a premium.

I’m not convinced anyone “dreams” of having a wardrobe or their wall covered in shelves and rails, though.

Do you?


IKEA’s next example was spotted inside the store… ironically in the storage section.

Another lKEA copywriting 🙄 from the same trip!

 “Unleash creativity not clutter!”

Unleash your creativity = YES!

‘Unleash’ is a great copywriting sizzle up word when you want to inject speed and power into your hook – an alternative to ‘discover’ or ‘find’.

So far, so good.

Unleash your clutter = NO!

NOBODY has to ‘unleash’ their clutter.

It’s when a shopping habit is “unleashed” that clutter multiplies rapidly, all in its own!

I’m willing to bet my next coconut latte that there is not one single person in the world who has ever dreamed of having more clutter in their life!

If the sign said, “Unleash your creativity and tame your clutter”, that would hit the spot very nicely.

The way they have laid out the text with ‘unleash creativity not’ on the first line and ‘clutter’ below isn’t great from a design perspective either!

I do like the ‘make storage a part of the hobby” piece of the message.

It taps into how many crafters and hobbyist ARE excited about planning and sourcing the right storage.

What do you think?

Has IKEA hit the spot or missed the mark?

Do you have a dream wardrobe and unleash your clutter?

Thanks to IKEA Southampton for providing the inspiration for this post, and for all the meatballs I consumed while we were there.



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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen