The 5 outsourcing mistakes I have made personally:

1: Making too many allowances when I should have moved on.

The second Accountant we hired to get us out of the trouble the first Accountant (see next mistake) left us in with HMRC turned out to be a very unpleasant person.

I should have let them go after the first dig/passive aggressive threat.

I didn’t… not until he missed a filing deadline too!

2: Trusting that when someone is being paid to do a job, they’re doing it.

And not checking.

This one kicked my backside BIG TIME in 2014 when we discovered our accountant had not done a single thing for a year, including: not filing partnership accounts, returns, and 4 VAT returns!

HMRC were VERY cross with me, and it took several years to get straight!

I didn’t even learn the lesson the first time!

The second Accountant did the same thing! Only once though.

Our third accountant has been doing a great job for us since 2015! Phew!

3: Not briefing the people you hire properly could a sign you don’t really know what you want.

It leaves both of you feeling frustrated and wastes a ton of time and cash on unnecessary revisions.

I reckon this is the #1 reason why service-providers and business owners get fired.

Service-providers, do you agree?

4: You’ve bought a block of VA time or (guilty!) paid a retainer buy they’re not able to do the work because YOU won’t let go of the tasks.

Yes, it IS quicker for us Generators and Manifesting Generators to do that 30-second task ourselves.

Nobody gets stuff done as quick as we do.

But that’s only true for a few times.

Eventually those 30 seconds add up to hours of your income generating time, wasted.

Do the task once more, document it and hand it over.

You’ll be in time profit quickly.

5: Which leads us nicely on to ‘choosing people like you’.

You don’t want to replace yourself.

You want people who LOVE what you do not excel at.

As a ‘chaotic creator’, I consistently forget life admin shizzle.

Leave it to me and it’s not gonna happen in time.

Hiring a fellow ‘chaotic’ person as my personal PA would be fun for brainstorming sessions but I would still be missing my important appointments!

What outsourcing mistakes have you made?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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