I’m a dog. My husband Bill is a pig.

Yesterday was a good day for dogs and pigs.

We found a parking space right outside the nail salon when I went for my appointment.

She had the exact shade of (purple) polish I wanted.

Bill found a choice of Squid Game masks in the shop (he’s an advertiser’s dream so this was exciting for him!).

The handyman arrived early and got the job done quicker than expected.

Then literally the minute he left, the TV aerial guy called to say he could come round now, instead of the early morning time we were expecting him today – which meant we could watch Bake Off!

And I got to spend an hour on a group livestream with Dawn o’Porter tonight.

Here’s the thing…

I already knew yesterday was going to be a good day for both of us personally.

I also knew that work wise, yesterday was going to be a pushing treacle up the hill kinda day, so I was planned for that.


Chinese Astrology

In our personal life, I’m a dog and Bill is a pig.

In Chinese astrology, yesterday was an auspicious day for dogs and pigs.

However, it was a ‘duvet day’ for my career animal – the rat.

Duvet days are so called because they’re the days that don’t go great – the days you wish you hadn’t bothered getting out of bed.

I pay close attention to Chinese Astrology.

My launches are scheduled to tie into auspicious days and times for wealth.

Holidays are scheduled to tie in with auspicious days for travel. (One time I didn’t check first and booked to travel on a ‘duvet day’. We got stuck to Southampton to find out we had a 6 hour delay for our ferry!)

We schedule important emails to send in the auspicious times.

Before the year even begins, I know all the days and times that in our life and work, we are going to thrive, and when we are not.

That’s down to the Chinese Astrology for Wealth bundle, from Janine Lowe, my go-to Chinese Astrologer.

I’m a dog. My husband Bill is a pig.
My career animal – the rat.

I hire Janine to consult for me when planning my promo, and to guide my Academy and Mastermind members with theirs.

Prior to writing this post on Facebook, I sent Janine a message.

“How about if we offer my community your 2021 bundle so they have all their auspicious days and times to enjoy their most abundant November and December…

… and gift them the 2022 bundle when it’s ready next month, so next year they can have their best days ever?”

Janine said YES!

You’ve got it: http://veronicapullen.co.uk/janine

When you buy Janine’s Chinese Astrology for Wealth Bundle, you will receive:

PDF eBook with forecasts for each day, where you’ll learn which animals are favoured, which animals should stay in bed, and which will enjoy an ok day, no great highs or lows.

You’ll be guided on the times during each day when you will achieve the most favourable result so you can organise yourself to thrive…

(Janine will also tell you how to find out which career animal you are, so you can use the forecasts for your life AND business!)

And where in your house to play music each day (if any) to activate the good fortune and wealth energies in specific areas of your life and work so you dial up the power of your intentions.

(For example, yesterday playing music in the north east of your house increased the positive energies around your career. )

And then, you’ll receive a second set, along with monthly videos explaining what to expect each month – for 2022 – for free.

Your investment?

… £45.


Buy your 2021 Chinese Astrology Bundle from Janine for £45, and receive 2022 for FREE when it is available next month:

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen