Financial freedom to me is not a monetary amount.

I became financially free when I accepted the way I am made, recognised what of all the things I ‘can’ do are my zone of genius, and started saying no to paid work that isn’t a fit for how I’m designed.

Take this post for example.

As an introvert/generator, my design is to respond.

This post began as a comment in response to my friend. 

Being in response activated my creative flow which then became a post and graphic on Facebook, an email, and this blog.

The very first invoice I raised in my business 11 years ago was for copywriting.

I would be given a brief and I’d write blogs and articles on demand.

Back then, I didn’t know as much about who I am as I do now.

What I did know was that writing for others felt harder, more effort – heavier energetically compared to writing like I’m doing now, which feels effortless.

I just didn’t know why.

Once I realised it’s because I was out of flow – initiating instead of responding – everything changed.

Other people’s copy is another example.

Since the day I realised initiating copy is not my flow, I’ve said no to people wanting to pay me to write copy for them.

That’s financial freedom to me.

Financial Freedom – But Not as You Know It!

Financial freedom to me is not a monetary amount.

Being able to say no when prospective clients want to pay me for work that is not my flow.

My zone of genius is activated by reviewing and refining copy that is already written.

Last week, I gave my Copywriting Academy clients a demonstration of how I review and refine copy, and line by line, explained the reasoning for every change.  

The feedback from that session has been FIRE!

“OMG! The difference in your rewrite is incredible!”

“This has been mind-blowing!”

“I am so amazed   I would never have thought of that!”

Refining copy is as easy as breathing for me.

I’m doing it instinctively whenever I read other people’s written words.

When you accept who you are and how your genius is activated, say no to anything that isn’t a fit for your design, making your income feels effortless.




It’ll be the thing you do that your clients rave about the most.

It’s how you’ll make the biggest difference for other people.

And, it’s when you’ll make an income that is beyond what you might ever have believed possible for yourself.

That’s freedom.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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