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Are you guessing and making assumptions?

You ever do that thing where you read into someone’s words or actions and assume what is going on?

You know, like the time a prospect queried your price. You assumed they meant you are “too expensive” and wobbled.

Or, when you had a great sales call with a prospect, they said yes so you sent them the link to pay, then 24 hours later they’d not paid. You assumed it was because they had changed their mind.

Have you noticed that the assumptions you arrive at are rarely or never positive for you?

When you’re second guessing yourself, the outcome your mind leads you to believe is most likely to be the truth is the one that is negative for you?

What if, instead of defaulting to the negative story, you assumed the truth will be the version of events that is positive for you?

After all, you don’t “know” which outcome is true yet.

It could just as easily be the positive as the negative.

I sent my price to a prospect and they queried it”.

There are at least three possible truths here:

They “could” be saying, “I can’t afford that!

They “could” be saying, “That’s a lot less than I was expecting!”

Or, they “could” be saying, “I’m not clear on the billing frequency from your response. Can you clarify?”

Two out of those three are NOT negative outcomes for you.

Same applies to “this current situation”.

Do you walk around believing that ‘most people have no money’?

Or, do you believe, ‘lots of people have more money now than they’ve ever had’?

After all, both are true.

If you embody a belief in the version that gives you a negative outcome, that’s the reality you’ll likely create for yourself.

Next time you hear yourself assuming the outcome, default to the assumption that gives YOU the POSITIVE OUTCOME!

… and watch what happens as a result.

In episode 9 of my “The Introvert Online” podcast, I talk about how defaulting to positive assumptions will supercharge your business results.

And how doing so generated $55,000 in sales for my business in August.

Listen to episode 9 of “The Introvert Online” podcast here.

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