This month, I am the featured story in the Entrepreneurs Circular magazine.

It’s the story of the first decade in business, summarised into 1000 words. You can read page one of the article here:

And page two is here:

I was given 48 hours to write these 1000 words.

24 hours later, I had written 200 words and was busy doing everything, except writing. Lol.

As an introvert, initiating content isn’t our flow.

Walking into a room of people you don’t know and going up to someone to start a conversation, that’s not easy, right?

When someone comes to us and asks a question, boom! We are off. Now we can talk for hours!

So, that’s my tip for you today.

Next time you are staring at a blank screen or procrastinating over writing content, either pretend you are a third-party and ask yourself questions about the topic, or get someone to ask you questions.

And then watch those words fly out of your fingers!

EC Circular July 2020 Cover

My Copy of the Entrepreneur’s Circle Circular featuring article by me

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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