17 Weird things


Some of these 17 weird quirks I’m about to share with you about myself, will put me firmly in the ‘extremely odd person’ category of your mind.

For many years I carried shame about being odd. I was bullied at school for being weird, so it became a background worry that people would find out I was even weirder than they thought.

Inside my Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School this week, we’ve talked about finding ‘your people’.

For example, intuition plays a big part in my life and business, so my audience typically see nothing odd about discussing energy.

Whereas, others who have felt really misunderstood by the people around them, through who they’re meeting and what they’re learning in Summer School, are now feeling heard and valued because they’ve found their people.

As coaches and experts, it’s us that our clients buy. When you let people see your ‘behind the scenes‘, your like-minds will resonate with you.

So, in the spirit of getting to know each other a little better, here’s 17 weird facts you probably didn’t know about me.

I’d love to hear which ones resonate most with you:

1) In the 1987/88 season, I went to every Worthing Bears basketball game, home and away, including seeing them win at Wembley – travelling on the team’s coach. #superfan

2) The only soap I watch is Corrie, an obsession that began when my mun watched it on our old black and white portable tv when I was a child.

3) I was 18 when I left home and never lived at home again from that point on. Within a couple of months of leaving home, I was in Rumbelows buying a colour TV on tick! #Priorities

4) I was 19 when I bought my first flat with a mortgage, and 25 when I bought my first house with a 125% mortgage. We sold the house 10 years to the day after buying it – 26th August 1996-2006.

5) I’ve been married twice. My first wedding was in 1993. I was 22. We were married 14 years.

6) I used to rock myself to sleep every night and only stopped 10 years ago. Occasionally, when I’m trying to process my thoughts, I will still rock back and forth to pace my mind and breathing.

7) For the first 6 weeks after leaving home, I ate boil in the bag Spaghetti Bolognese every night. Spag Bol is still my joint favourite meal, tieing equally with Kedgeree.

8) We eat lunch and dinner at the same time every day (midday and 6pm) and eat the same food on the same day each week. Today, Wednesday is chicken/Quorn coconut curry with broccoli rice.

9) I can’t deal with music/noise around me unless I’m in the mood for it. Otherwise the noise is physically painful to the point that my brain feels like it is too full.

10) When my brain feels too full, my decompression process is to withdraw all external stimuli (light, noise, sights) to drain my ‘battery’.

I’m yet to find a better ‘decompression place’ than the airing cupboard in the house where I grew up.

11) When I watch TV/videos, I have the volume on mute, but I can ‘hear‘ the voices and accents as if they were playing at full volume.

12) Everything of mine has a place. If it’s removed from its place and not returned to the exact same spot, I will a) notice, even if it is only millimetres from where it was, and b) I will have a meltdown. #Donotmovemystuff.

This means, when tidying is being done, It’s done behind closed doors so I don’t see my stuff being moved. Then I go in when it’s finished and put everything of mine back ‘properly’ so I can think clearly again.

13) If something of mine gets broken, I feel it as strongly as a bereavement. My plate being broken for example, feels to me like someone I love has died.

14) I hear loud noises in my head that don’t exist. It’s apparently called “Exploding Head Syndrome” and it’s quite unnerving when it happens.

I can be sitting watching tv, and suddenly hear this loud ‘BOOM’ like an explosion, and jump out of my skin, but there is no noise.

15) I’m a huge garlic fan. Most meals at home are made with 2 bulbs (not cloves!) of garlic.

16) Hot drinks reach my optimum temperature after about 20 minutes. So I always have 2 hot drinks on the go. The new one that is too hot for me and the cold one that I’m drinking.

17) Along the same lines, cold food reaches my optimum temperate after 20 minutes too.

So, for example, I won’t eat a yogurt or ice-cream straight from the fridge/freezer, I let them warm up a bit first. (And yes, that does mean the ice cream melts. It tastes much better melted lol.

If you were a weird kid who didn’t fit in, or have things about you that you feel shame around and hope nobody finds out.

Remember, the gifts and expertise that your clients buy, only exist because of your quirks. Embrace your weird because it fuels your magic.

If you’re an introvert with gifts (and quirks) that you want to share with more paying clients…

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Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen