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I’ve been delving into personality profiling recently. Not one model specifically though.

In the past week I’ve explored both Jungian Personality Types and Motivational Maps.

The book “Wire Yourself for Wealth” is one of my current reads. That’s based on Wealth Dynamics types.

As much as I love learning about myself, one of the reasons for my obsession with learning is to improve the depth of marketing insights I can teach my clients.

Understanding that what motivates the people you most vibe with is NOT what motivates you, means you’ll be able to create marketing that your DREAM clients connect with, and RESPOND to!

Meaning that when my clients apply all this to their marketing, more of their dream clients buy.

Something I learnt recently that now I know about it, I feel a bit dim for not knowing it already.

It’s the initiator versus responder aspects of personality profiling.

Extroverts are initiators.

If that’s you, you’re comfortable (energised!) by starting conversations with strangers and organising get togethers.

You’re probably the person to be found holding up the queue in the shop while you chat to the cashier. 🙂

Whereas, introverts are responders.

You’ll reply to the cashier if she starts chatting to you, but you wouldn’t initiate the chat.

In Facebook marketing terms, this translates broadly to:

Extroverts’ default is to POST on Facebook.

It’s in flow for an extrovert to share their thoughts in a new Facebook update – starting a conversation.

Whereas introverts’ default is to RESPOND.

An introvert might not often feel they have anything to say in a post but will participate in a conversation that is already happening.

I’m an introvert.

Many Facebook marketing experts are extroverts and the methods they teach are extroverted by default.

Which is all very well and good, but it can leave us introverts thinking there’s something wrong with us when what they’re telling you to do makes you want to throw up.

The more I learn about all this, the more I realise WHY my thing is “Mile-Deep Marketing”.

It’s because Mile-Deep Marketing is PERFECT for introverted coaches and experts like me, who do NOT want to have to vomit content all over your audience to be super-visible to your dream clients.

And far from being introvert making us ‘less than’, we have the huge ADVANTAGE!

While the extroverts are fighting the Facebook algorithms to get eyeballs on their stream of content, there is NO ALGORITHM in play ‘mile-deep’ right now!

Imagine that… even if you don’t post for a week (I sometimes don’t!), you can still be visible to THOUSANDS of your ideal clients on Facebook AND generate paying clients!

(And nope, I’m not talking about ads either. You likely have plenty of juice in your organic marketing that you’ve not tapped into yet! You can bring ads into play later.)

If now is the time for you to FILL your online programs and services with paying clients through Facebook, we need to talk.

I am looking for introvert coaches, trainers, service-providers, and experts who want a predictable way to generate more leads, enquiries, and sales from marketing on Facebook – without having to pay for ads yet.

If you happen to be one of them, I’ll be working with you closely to plan, promote, and deliver an online program or services you are super excited to offer, and will sell with ease.

Your ‘mile-deep’ organic Facebook marketing will raise your visibility and reputation, bringing an ongoing stream of new ideal clients into your audience, who stop scrolling when they see your name.

Facebook is NOT DEAD!

Despite what you’re likely hearing elsewhere, Facebook is still the most widely used of all the social networks!

Your ideal clients ARE on Facebook and they ARE investing in the experts who are marketing and interacting with them on Facebook!

And… it is NOT true that the ‘only way’ to attract clients from Facebook is to pay for ads!

Over the past few years, I’ve been helping coaches and experts go from struggling to enrol any clients through Facebook, to generating more sales in a few days than they have in a year or more previously.

Clients like:

[*] Anneliese, after 4 years of being unable to clearly state what she did for clients, to now having unearthed her ‘Niche Nectar’ – her signature method of delivering the result her audience want to pay for.

Within a week of working with me, she had filled her brand-new online program, generating more sales in a few days than she had in the years previous.

[*] Claire, who turned her in-person sessions into a brand-new online group program and filled it with clients from across the UK.

And on the back of offering her new program, also sold her highest priced ever VIP-day and private consultations.

[*] Jane, who QUADRUPLED sales of her coaching program, compared with previous promo.

[*] Tiffany, who made a £2,500 sale from a quick (text) conversation in Messenger while she was in bed.

[*] Elaine, who sold 18 of her online programs in 2 weeks and added 1800 new email subscribers to her list in 90 days – 100 of them from one COMMENT on Facebook!

These results are all purely organic too.

They’ve not started advertising on Facebook yet.

[*] And then there’s me.

It’s because of mile-deep marketing that I generate our household income through Facebook, even though I create fewer posts and spend less on ads than many of my peers.

In 2019, success on Facebook comes from you having a SUPER clear marketing message and from the relationships you nurture.

Your audience…

… want to feel your HEART– to know you care about their results.

… crave CONNECTION with you – to know you understand, like, and respect them.

… want to know you take a STAND for them specifically – that their results will create a ripple benefit for others ‘like us’.

And I want to help you make a BIGGER IMPACT so you don’t have to chase and persuade people to buy from you.

You magnetically attract the people who you CHOOSE to work with, who are EXCITED and EAGER to hire you!


I am looking for 5 people who are ready to change the trajectory of their business through Facebook this year!

You’re tired of being the world’s best-kept secret…

You’re fed up with not being able to confidently say what you are world-class at.

And you’re bored of being frustrated with your results!


Here’s what we’ll do during our 12 weeks together.


I’ll support you 1:1 through applying the Mile-Deep Marketing Method into how you market yourself on Facebook.

And very soon, you’ll be generating sales and growing your audience.

Meaning, this is a totally DONE WITH YOU program.


1) We’ll start by getting really clear on (or, reconnecting with) the traits of your DREAM client so you’ll be heard by only the people you want to attract.

This method of defining your Ideal Client Avatar and ‘Niche Nectar’ will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before – but will give you crystal CLARITY that makes marketing and selling so much EASE-IER.

2) We’ll then craft an offer for your online program or services that can be communicated clearly, delivered online, and provides a result or transformation your ideal client will PAY to achieve.

At this point, (typically within your first 14-30 days) you will sell your new program or services package to your existing audience; proving your concept and generating a rapid ROI before we move on the next phase.


3) Having generated your initial sales, next we’ll be bringing more ideal clients into your audience and building relationships with them with lead magnets that convert into (additional) paying clients.


4) And finally, you’ll master Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing to amplify your results, and raise your visibility and reputation, bringing an ongoing stream of new ideal clients into your audience who STOP SCROLLING when they see your posts in their newsfeed.

As a result of this, you will attract new enquiries, subscribers, and quality paying clients.

You will become more well-known to your ideal clients on Facebook.

You will be recognised as the authority in your space, with your audience regularly introducing you to even more of your ideal clients.

Introverts… you totally CAN embrace your natural style to make a BIGGER IMPACT, so you don’t have to chase and persuade people to buy from you.

Are one of those 5 places calling your name?

Go here to book your (no-obligation) call with me and let’s talk.

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