Good enough

Is your  mind chatter telling you that you’re not good enough?


Sometimes I struggle with being ‘not good enough’.

Or, at least, that’s what my negative mind chatter tells me.

When I’m at an event, and the networking area has one solitary seat I can sit on, and it’s tucked away in the corner far away from everyone else.

“You are not good enough!”

The evening sessions and after-parties that events invariably include, and already sensory overloaded from the day spent in a loud, ‘peopling’ environment, I not only need to decompress from the day, but to prioritise getting enough rest to function as a human the next day…

“You are not good enough!”

And the mentors that emphasise the benefit of joining their program as being able to spend time together in-person, doing “fun things” …

When, what many others call ‘fun’, is usually an activity that physically impaired people like me will struggle to fully participate in.

“You are not good enough!”

None of this stops me from doing anything I want to do though by the way. There is always a workaround.

But often, when I speak with coaches and experts about launching their own online program, their version of this negative “not good enough” head chatter IS holding them back.

“I don’t know enough to teach others”.

This is the most common fear I hear.

But something I took away from an event I recently attended is, what you think of as ‘basic level info’, someone else is already being paid £100k+ to teach.

Why not you, too?

“Someone else is already teaching this. Why would they buy my program?”

Ha. Getting in ahead of you with this one!

As buyers, we choose to work with experts we like and trust, and whose personality, values, and teaching style we align with.

No one person will appeal to everyone, not even you.

But YOUR tribe will love you!

“YouTube is full of free content on [topic] already. Why would anyone pay for it?”!

Your step-by-step ‘signature process’ will save them time trying to assimilate content and resources from multiple sources. You’ll give them a logical structure they can follow easily.

However, the real value is in the benefit of your knowledge and experience, so they can fast-track to the result, and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes you made figuring it all out for yourself.

“I wouldn’t know where to begin getting my program online and enrolling paying clients!”

That’s where I come in.

You are stuck around the £2k per month level in your coaching or expert business and want to scale your impact and income by launching and growing sales of your online program through Facebook.

You are ready to silence your negative mind chatter so you can serve the people who want your help, and will pay you for the transformation you deliver…

… Selling and getting paid for your online program or services package, enrolling your dream clients through Facebook with my personal help?


Work with me to plan, promote, and get paid for an online program/services package you love, are super excited to deliver, and will sell with ease.

Once you’ve generated your initial sales, we’ll build the digital assets that your ideal clients will clamour to get access to… filling your audience with more and more of your ideal clients.


And, of course, mastering ’Mile-Deep’ Facebook Marketing, so you amplify the results of your offer and lead magnets, bringing bigger and bigger results from the assets we’ve created – with or without paying for Facebook ads.


When you are ready to show up fully so you can serve the people who want your help, and will pay you for the transformation you deliver…

bringing your dream clients flocking to your inbox when you share your offerings on Facebook.

Book your FREE Facebook Marketing Success Strategy Call with Veronica and leave the call with a clear plan for how YOU can consistently and reliably generate premium paying clients through Facebook.

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Veronica Pullen

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