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If you are a Facebook group admin, this post contains valuable tips for you.

#1: Linking your Facebook page to your group

This feature has been around for a couple of years, and many group admins linked their page, following Facebook’s “recommendation“, as a way to “get more page fans from your group“.

Tests that I, my clients, and others have done show that group posts get LESS REACH overall, when the page is linked to the group.

Others say that isn’t the case for them.

So, my first suggestion is for you if you HAVE linked your page to your group…

Check your reach and engagement stats in group insights, then UNLINK your page for 7-10 days and compare.

When it comes to post reach, Tesco has it bang on… every little bit (of increased reach) does help!

(You can always edit your page’s CTA button to ‘Join Group’ if you want to send people to your group from your page.

Then use your group’s questions to collect their email address instead of your squeeze page.)

#2: New group post formatting options being rolled out

I don’t have these options yet (BOO!) but you might.

When you click in the box to write a post in a group on your desktop/laptop, check if you can see the reverse ‘P’ symbol that Word calls a ‘paragraph mark’.

If so, you’ve won the Facebook post formatting lottery! #lol

This new formatting feature gives you the option of formatting your post text into:

H1 headlines

H2 sub-headlines

  • Bullet points

… and bold/italic.

Right now, these formatted posts stand out in the newsfeed as they’re not the norm.

Head over to any group (you don’t need to be an admin for this one) on your desktop/laptop and click in the box to write a new update. Is it there? Are you a winner?

And finally, if you are an admin of a Facebook group and you want to convert more of your group members into email subscribers and paying clients…

#3: Done for you Facebook lead gen service

We’re currently looking to take on three new ‘done for you’ clients who:

  • Are using (or want to use) the group questions to capture email addresses and market research data, but you get frustrated at losing the responses and data as soon as you approve their join request?
  • Have group members who haven’t subscribed to your email list, and it worries you that you’re too reliant on Facebook to keep in contact with your members long-term?
  • … and maybe you know you should create a lead magnet/freebie to grow your email list and generate more leads and sales from your group, but you don’t have time or know where to start?

We’ll do all the work so you can enjoy the benefits of growing your email list from your new and existing group members.

Plus, you’ll be building two highly-valuable databases – assets that will serve your business long term.

If that’s you, read more info here.





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