Last Friday I had to have a blood test. I have a massive phobia about everything medical, and even the prospect of making the appointment for a blood test makes me feel sick!

In fact, a few years ago, I attended the surgery for the inevitable, and the nurse was really struggling to find the vein. She was jabbering on about what she was doing and I started to feel really faint… which obviously meant that my veins shut down and they couldn’t do the test.

So I had to make another appointment and go back… but the same thing happened again! The third time I went back (yes, really, THREE appointments for a blood test!) I had a more experienced who was able to get the blood with no problems.

I prefer getting my blood tests done at the surgery. I’m attended to in a private room, 1:1 and these poor nurses have time to deal with my wussy requirements for pillows and to lay down.

Yet, many other people prefer to visit the hospital because you don’t need an appointment, they have a ticket system so you’re called in to the room in order of arrival, and there’s usually 3 nurses in the one room so you get in and out quickly.

This is the “non wuss” option though. If you’re a wuss like me, the audience doesn’t help you relax – and you have to suffer the humiliation of the “brave people” laughing at you for making a fuss!

But the beauty is in the choice.

The GP surgery is the premium experience – 1:1 attention, and the hospital is the fast experience due to the ease and speed of service delivery.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has got to do with you growing your business or social marketing?

You see, your clients all have different needs, and if you’re not offering several different options for how they can work with you, then you’re losing out on sales… which (wait for it!)… is like draining the blood from your business!

If you're not creating products, you're losing sales - the life blood of any business

For many business owners, 1:1 is the only way they ever work with clients. The downside to this from your perspective is that your income is limited to your working hours. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

From your clients’ perspective, they might prefer the faster route to the results; for example, if they have free time on a weekend and want to spend their time learning what you’d teach them 1:1.

You either have to deliver the training yourself, compromising on your family time, hope they’re happy to wait until you have a free slot in your diary next week, or lose the sale to a switched on competitor who has packaged up their knowledge into a virtual training program that the client can buy and work through immediately.

And that’s without me even raising the point that when you work 1:1 with clients, it should be the PREMIUM option on your services list – not the cheapest or only option.

Have you, or are you, creating a product of your knowledge that you can sell over and over again for a recurring income stream? If I wanted to spend my Saturday night learning what you know, is the option available to me?

Can your clients learn from you whether you are in your office, attending an event, asleep, or sunning yourself on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in your hand?

I’ve mentored hundreds of clients to do exactly this. As I write this blog, QJ, Jane and Helen are creating their own products to generate a recurring income stream for their business. All 3 will soon have to do LESS work to make MORE money… and at the same time, be able to serve many, many more clients than they could before our call.

QJ said;

I was excited about my first coaching call with Veronica but didn’t quite know what to expect. As soon as we were into the call, she started coming up with specific ways to add big value to what I was doing, making my product worth loads more than I was thinking. 

The result is that I will have to do less work for a higher return. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people that can do that for my business without even being asked and in just a few minutes. She has certainly delivered way more than I was expecting. Thank you, Veronica. You are truly a Rock Star!

Can I help you to do the same?

Inside my 10 Days to Sold Online program, we’ll work together creating your first product, while you’ll also get access to £5k+ of training to teach you what you need to know to attract and enrol a consistent stream of your DREAM, paying clients from Facebook.

I wanted to let you know about it today, because you may have already hit the “income barrier” where you know you need to make more sales, to grow your business, but you can’t figure out where the extra hours will come from to service more clients.

Or perhaps you’ve already got an idea of a product you’d like to create “eventually” that with the support of a mentor who has been there and done it, plus the accountability of having a deadline, “eventually” could actually be “now”?!

All the details of the 10 Days to Sold Online program are here, but if you’d prefer to work with me 1:1 on this, send me an email as I only have space to work with 5 private mentoring clients at a time. If you feel this is a good fit for you, then get in touch and I’ll send you the details.

You know those dreams you have of “one day making a serious amount of money”? How about we get started with making that a reality today?

Jane said;

“Last September I said I was going to get my walking and learning business up and running, I even said it from stage at an event. Today after my first mentoring call with Veronica, I am launching a 40 day challenge, and I’ll be developing products along the way.”

And this morning, I woke up to this message from Helen;

“I wanted to say I am feeling a bit emotional today when I think about how far I have come since joining your mentoring program! It has been the making of me, and without it, I would be like so many business owners out there struggling for ideas, support and know how!!”

Here are the details of 10 Days to Sold Online program again, or email me for info on how you can work with me privately. Just don’t mention needles or veins when we speak though! 🙂