I like my baths to be scorching hot, so once I’m in, I often need to add extra hot water.

We’ve got a combi boiler. When you first turn on the hot tap it runs cold, then lukewarm, then cold again and finally hot.

Here’s the thing… when you turn the hot tap on, you “know” it will run hot eventually, but in the early moments, the reality is very different.

So you wait… letting the water run through its cold phase. While the tap goes through its cold phase, you start to worry that it might never get hot, and your quite hot bath will become cold.

But you let that tap run anyway.

Then the water goes lukewarm and you relax a bit. You can feel the temperature increasing.

The reality is backing you up, proving you were right to trust the boiler to deliver on its promise of a scorching hot bath.

Then argh! It’s gone cold again!

What now?!

Do you give up and keep your quite warm and comfortable bath temperature safe? Or do you push on again in pursuit of the goal to have that scorching hot bath?

You decide to let that tap run. “confident” the lovely hot water will flow again soon.

And finally you’re rewarded with that lovely hot bath you imagined.Your business has a lot in common with your hot bath

I’ve always “known” my business would work. Even in the days where the reality looked very different… the days when I was borrowing money all over, barely making enough to repay debts, let alone meet new liabilities.

The days when almost every day would bring another argument with hubby who kept asking “when I was going to get this good money coming in that I kept telling him was coming”… while he was working full time, commuting 3 hours a day, and paying for everything so I could pursue my dream.

Even through all that, I just “knew” it would all be ok in the end.

But during all the “cold” and “lukewarm” spells it would have been so easy to believe the reality of the moment and give up. There were a few times that I ran the idea through my mind of throwing in the towel and getting a job.

But I didn’t. I just “knew” I’d get there if I pushed through.

So, if you’re in a cold or lukewarm period right now, keep the faith. Just “know” that if you feel deep down that you’re on the right path, drown out the negative voices and trust it will all be ok in the end.

Stick with it. The hot water will run through eventually, and when it does, you’ll be able to enjoy all the rewards that come with it.

One of the best moments in my business was the day I was able to repay hubby’s faith in me, by giving him the freedom of choice. The choice that allowed him to leave the job he hated, and work with me full time in the business.

I “know” that very soon, if you keep pushing through, keep showing up consistently and authentically as yourself, that moment will come for you too.

And by jove, will it feel good!


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