There’s No Harm in it!

Watching Apprentice Australia, and getting a powerful analogy

We were watching an episode of The Apprentice Australia and their task was to create soft-serve ice-cream offers.

The goal was to make the most $$$ of sales.

One team sold theirs for between $5 and $20.

The other team created a $5 and a $50 offering.

One team made $600.

The other team made $2k.

In the Boardroom, Lord Sugar asked about the strategy behind creating a $50 offer:

The contestant replied:

“Because it was worth a go and there’s no harm in it.”

I think right there is a powerful analogy of how to succeed in business.

  • Letting go of the need for all your ducks to be in a row before you’ll take the next step…
  • Not seeking other people’s opinions as to whether you ‘should’ do something, because you worry what people might think,
  • And instead, choosing to try something different, just because there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Pre-selling is one example.

Often people new to pre-selling will struggle with the concept of charging money for something that doesn’t exist yet.

Over time, they realise there is no harm in it.

Dropping the feeling that an idea needs to be perfectly formed before you sell it to people.  

There’s no harm in it.

Creating a $50 ice-cream which is 10x what is ‘reasonable’ to sell an ice cream for …

There’s no harm in it

Question for you to ponder on…

If you fully adopted a ‘there’s no harm in it’ mindset, and truly believed that there’s no harm in doing it, what would you do that you’re not doing now?

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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