“No amount of strategy will unblock flow.”

Earlier this week, one of my clients (J) posted in our group that she wasn’t getting anywhere with promoting her offer.

“I’ve posted every day on Facebook, but nobody is engaging.”

“I’ve sent emails to my list, and a few people are clicking through, but no sales.”

“Nothing is working.”

Thoughts like this indicate you are in ‘push mode’ – ‘trying’ to make things work, even when your heart isn’t in it at all.

In my response, I told her I could give her the strategy, but it won’t change the outcome.

Until she stops trying to push, no amount of practical steps will bring those sales coming in.

It ALL starts with you!

When your marketing isn’t working, STOP.

Breathe. forget about it for today.

Totally let go of what you think you ‘should’ do, and go do something else.

When you are heading to bed tonight, ask the universe for your next step.

As you open your eyes tomorrow morning, notice the:

… thoughts and ideas that float into your mind?

… words in posts you see in Facebook?

… road signs that you pass on your journey say? Read them.

… conversations you are overhearing, including on the TV or radio – listen.

You are being given YOUR aligned next step.

Do that.

"No amount of strategy will unblock flow."

“No amount of strategy will unblock flow.”

J did, and the next morning she posted again:

“I woke up feeling really excited, and inspired to do a livestream about my offer.

So, I did and I have sold two places already.”

If you are feeling stuck right now, don’t push or try and think your way back into flow.

Stop, notice and listen.

Create the space in your mind for youe right next step to be communicated to you.

Then do that.

And enjoy the results.

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