Before you panic, I am not about to encourage you to stop charging for what you do, and start giving your time away for free.

Totally the opposite.

The Reality of Serving Our Clients Versus Selling Our Products and Services | Veronica PullenYou see, as experts, it can be difficult in the early days to identify with getting paid for serving our clients when we do what we love to do, and would do anyway.

But then once worked through those limiting beliefs, you can easily move to the other end of the spectrum, and get comfortable with charging for the value you bring your clients, but forget that while you are earning the income you deserve, you are also making a big difference to the lives of the people you work with.

I’m as guilty of this as the next person. Although I continually strive to add value to all of my clients through the programs I sell, speaking from stage, or working intensively with private clients. I can sometimes forget just how much of an impact my expertise can have on someone who was previously stuck.


But this week I was reminded – twice – of why I do what I do, and this should also serve as a reminder for you.

Last Thursday I launched my new program; the “Social Superstars University” after a month or more of working behind the scenes building websites, branding and writing sales copy. During that time I got immersed in the detail of the program, and lost track on the impact this program would have on those who invest in it.

During the 4 days leading up to the launch, I completely lost sight of the outside world, getting totally caught up in the small details of launching a new program and hosting a webinar – and by the time the webinar came around on Thursday evening, I couldn’t recognise anything beyond the Social Superstars University program being my new product.

Can you resonate with that? You get so caught up in the detail of doing what you do, that you lose sight of the impact your work has on the people that you serve?

But after the webinar, I received lots of messages thanking me so much for the value I gave in the presentation, that they can already see will add value to their marketing.

And two attendees who invested in the Social Superstars University messaged me to thank me for making this program available to them, as they had a dream that the program will help them achieve.

Let that sink in for a moment…

While you’re sitting back feeling grateful that your launch went well, or your new program was well received – and people have invested in it, your clients will be feeling gratitude towards you for stepping up to serve them.

So, next time you’re creating a new offer or program, and worry that people will think badly of you for sending too many offer emails, or promoting yourself a bit more often than usual online, reframe those thoughts.

What about all the people who are currently stuck, or have unrealised dreams that you and what you are offering can help them to achieve?

Worry more that if you fail to step up; shying away from promoting yourself and your offer, you’re also failing to enable your clients to step up by holding yourself back from serving the people who need you most.

And that’s unfair on you and them, isn’t it?!