“Your prices are too expensive in this market!”

I doubt that’s true.

You’re more likely to be undercharging if anything.

So if people are telling you that your prices are too high, it’s NOT about the price per-se.

Sometimes it’s because the person giving you this ‘feedback’ is undercharging for their own expertise, held back by their limiting beliefs and annoyed that you are out there ‘brazenly’ charging ‘so much’.

More often than not, it’s their perception of the value of your offer, based on how you present it to them.

Which is good news as that’s an easy thing to fix.

Someone recently asked for feedback on whether their membership is too expensive because it’s not selling as well as they expected.

They’re charging £150/month and potential clients were pushing back on the price.

When I looked at their offers page, instantly I could see why.

They have two offers listed on the page; a low-ticket workshop and the membership.

And what jumped out at me is that the workshop offer does not stack well against the membership.

What do I mean by ‘stack’?

When you sell multiple offers on one page or one offer that has multiple levels, it is important to present the options in a way that people perceive the next one up to be better value than the one before if you want to sell more of the higher priced options.

An example of a great offer stack is the WiFi package I was offered on a Xmas/NY cruise a few years ago.

There were three levels and this is how they were presented:

Art of Price Stacking

The Internet price options on the cruise and how price stacking was used.

Level 1– One hour of internet access = $30

Level 2– Stay connected for a full day to video call your family and share your holiday snaps with your friends on social media = $60

Level 3– Enjoy 24/7 unlimited broadband for the full 15 days of your cruise, premium connectivity capable of streaming your favourite Netflix movies = $330.

The broadband strength was the same for each level.

Someone buying the 60-minute plan could video call, upload photos to social media and stream from Netflix too.

By highlighting additional benefits, each level felt more valuable than the one before…

By pricing a full day of connection as equivalent to two hours, guests felt that spending 2x as much was a great idea …

And with internet access for the full 15-day cruise duration costing the equivalent of 5.5 single days, spending 10x as much as the entry offer felt like a “bargain”.

I spoke to two people on that cruise who had come onboard intending to buy an hour on Christmas Day and an hour on NYE.

Both bought the 15-day deal because they’d be ‘silly not to’!

Back to the original offer and the workshop that comes before the membership is £30 with a bonus 30-minute 1:1 call.

The membership includes a bunch of courses and a monthly group coaching call.

When potential buyers are comparing £150 for the membership versus paying £30 for a workshop AND a 1:1 call, the membership feels “too expensive”…

And the workshop offer feels like the deal you’d be ‘too silly to pass up’.

Which is the opposite result of what the person selling the offers wants to achieve.

Make sense?

That’s why strategising how to present your offer is the first step when you invest in my Offer Copy Done for You service.

Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

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