Small Business Saturday UK (SBS for short, but not to be confused with Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday) is being held in the UK for the first time since its’ launch in America in 2010.

You may want mark the occasion by designing a promotional package or offer that you can promote to your audience? There’s every reason to make some noise and celebrate a special day that celebrates small businesses in the UK.

You can find out more on what is happening nationally on their website  or by following their Facebook page

Although this is the first time the event is being run in the UK, it’s received phenomenal support in the US… with the US Facebook page generating 3M likes!

And now they’re looking to establish the event here too. It’s received government backing and is being heavily sponsored by American Express, who say;

We believe small businesses are the backbone of the UK and the heart of local communities. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting you with our Shop Small® campaign. And with the nationwide launch of Small Business Saturday on 7 December 2013, we’ll make sure it’s a big day for small businesses.

The overall message is for customers to buy from local businesses, albeit with a heavy focus on the high street retail community – but that doesn’t mean you can’t piggyback the high street focus to gain exposure for your own business.

Small Business Saturday UK

Over here on the Isle of Wight, our local radio station is offering free advertising slots on the day, so I would highly recommend you do some research to find out whether any of your local media are offering similar promotion opportunities that you can take advantage of

So, what kind of promotion could you do to mark Small Business Saturday UK?

How about packaging up one or more services/products that you currently offer, into a “Small Business Saturday Bundle”? Granted, “bundle” isn’t the nicest word you could use, but as I said in this blog, packaging your products and services makes it easier for your prospects to buy.

Is there an independent high street business near you who offer complementary services or products to your own? Have you considered collaborating with them for mutual benefit? For example, if you’re a Coach, and there is a Beauty Salon nearby, could you collaborate to offer a “Change your Life Taster Session” – maybe a massage, complementary fizz, and a half hour session with you?

And of course, as you’d expect from me, there’s plenty you can do on social media too. As well as promoting your SBSaturday offers via your social media accounts, why not put the spotlight on some of your clients by introducing them to your followers?

#WightHour will operate all day on Saturday 7th December, and I expect there will be many of the existing Twitter Chats doing the same.

Don’t forget to follow the @SmallBizSatUK Twitter account for updates of what is being planned for the day, and include the hashtag #SmallBizSatUK in any tweets or Facebook posts about it too.

What do you have planned for Small Business Saturday UK 2013? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you’ll be marking the occasion in your business?