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Creating info products should be a key component of every expert’s business plan. With only a limited time available to us all, info products allow you to serve more people, position yourself as an expert and bring in an additional stream of income.

In addition adding products to your business can be achieved with little extra work. Once they have been created they will continue to bring in all the benefits.

If you are an expert in your field, (and everyone has an expertise in one area or another), then you have probably thought of creating info products for these very reasons?

What holds you back from creating info products?Creating info products should be a key focus for every business expert

After working with many, many coaches, consultants, therapists and other expert professionals over the last 4 years to create their products, allow me to make an educated guess at some of the issues that stop you.

‘I don’t know enough’ – please don’t feel that you have to know everything about your subject. You will, I guarantee, know more than the vast majority of people, and, certainly, more than your target market. That’s all you need to create a successful product.

‘What I do is easy (after all I can do it so how hard can it be?) so no-one will pay for it’ – this is known as the curse of knowledge and is simply not true. Think about all the things you would love to do but don’t know how. Are there people who could teach you? Of course there are. They probably think it’s too easy too!

‘I don’t know what to create my product about’ – this is an easy one. Ask yourself this question – What keeps my ideal client awake at night? If you can package an answer to that question you know that you have a market for it.

‘How do I know what to include?’ – I always plan out my products, blog posts etc in a mindmap to begin with. That way I can see gaps, notice connections etc before I start to create. As an expert , trust that you have all the knowledge you need and plot it out.

It’s as important to know what to leave out as to what to include.

Now for the biggie…

‘I don’t understand the technology. I have all these ideas but how on earth do I create the products and get them on sale?’

People generally make this way too complicated and think it’s going to be much too expensive for them to contemplate. I’m going to challenge you to create a product in the next 7 days following these simple steps:

Easy info product creation step #1:

Identify a small, and I emphasise small, problem that your clients have. Maybe it’s something that you’re always having to help them with. Maybe you’ve picked up a frustration or, as I have, that some block is holding them back from achieving the success they deserve. Please resist the temptation to solve all of their problems in one go!

Easy info product creation step #2:

The chances are you already have the materials to answer the problem. You may have workshop slides, notes. Maybe a blog post or article you’ve already written.

Easy info product creation step #3:

Take the material you already have and re-purpose it into a different format. If you have PowerPoint slides, you could do a screen recording of you speaking as you present the slides. Notes from a workshop could be re-written in to an e-book, video or audio recordings. Whichever you are more comfortable with.

I personally love presenting in front of a live audience but don’t like recording ‘talking head’ type videos. So I create screen or webinar recordings or written materials.

Easy info product creation step #4:

Now, think of the easiest way to deliver your materials. Here are some ideas:

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube with “unlisted” visibility so that you can control access.

Create a PDF document from your written material and make it available only through a password protected page on your site.

Investigate sites such as and that make the whole process of selling digital info products easier.

Easy info product creation step #5:

If you want to really go for it get a cover designed on and add a simple Paypal button to sell it on your site.

Are you up for the challenge? Leave me a comment below, and I look forward to hearing about the products you create.


Jean Maund | Just Ask JeanJean Maund AKA Just Ask Jean, specialises in helping expert professionals spread their message to a wider audience through product creation and online marketing. She is passionate about translating Geek in to English and making technology accessible to all.

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