When you package up your products and services, you make it so much easier for your prospects to buy from you.

You see, in service based businesses, it’s typical not to show prices on your website. The norm is to have a range of services available, that you tailor into a bespoke offering after you’ve had a conversation with a prospect.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. We do the same for our private clients.

However, when you look at it from your prospects’ perspective, the complete lack of upfront pricing makes people feel nervous of approaching you – fearing that they’ll get confronted with a price that’s way out of their reach.

And you and I both know that as human beings, we’ll avoid doing anything that might be painful.

You lose out too – unless they take a step towards you, there is no opportunity for you to make a sale.

Packaging up your services gets around this issue completely.

We hired our first Accountant in August 2013 – I do know several Accountants, on and offline, but in choosing ours, I wanted some degree of independence from the business – so not a client or anyone I’d consider to be a very close friend.

Which meant that I was doing my research online… as many of your prospects will be too.

Accountants fall into the category where we fear they will be expensive. Most people hiring their first Accountant have no idea at all of what it will cost them, but most people have some degree of insight into what they need their Accountant to do.

In my search, I looked at the websites of three local Accountants. One was a personal recommendation, one I knew vaguely from networking, and another I knew from a business growth organisation I belong to.

Two of these three Accountants had no pricing on their website at all. They both subscribe to the “call me and I will create a bespoke package for you based on your needs” mindset.

But when I got to the third website, I was instantly sold. The site was clearly laid out with several fixed priced packages shown.

I was able to see which services were included in each package… and most importantly, how much each package costs. Within 24 hours I became their client. It was an easy sale for them, and an easy purchase decision for me.

5 reasons why packages will increase your sales

#1: Nobody but you really understands what you do. So when you list out everything that is included in a package, your prospects can see if what you’re offering is what they want. They can also see what the level of investment is, so Packaging your services will increase your salesyou avoid having lots of conversations with tyre kickers!

#2: When your prospect doesn’t really know what they want, the choice is vast and overwhelming. If you bundle your services up as a package, they have a limited number of options to choose from, and it’s a yes/no question for them to answer as to whether they want to buy or not.

#3: Offering packaged options also gives your prospects the confidence to approach you if the package on offer isn’t quite right. So now they know they can get a, b, and c for £xx, they’ll have a ballpark idea of the level of investment required to add d into the mix.

Which is an entirely different proposition for them than picking up the phone when they have zero idea of the investment required for ‘a’, let alone b, c and d.

Do you see?

#4: When you promote packages, you also become easier to refer to. I recently received an email from a business promoting a package they have available. A couple of days later, I was speaking with a client who was asking for a recommendation to someone who could do what was included in the package I saw a few days earlier.

I was able to recall seeing the package promoted, and connect the person who sent the email with my client. In promoting the package, he became more memorable, and therefore he was the first person I thought of during the conversation with my client.

#5: Selling your time by the hour devalues your expertise. Clients buy results, so if you offer a package that delivers a specific result, you can charge according to the value the result brings to the client.

Say for example, you are a relationships coach who helps clients prepare to find ‘their soulmate‘.

A package called (e.g.) “Find Your Soulmate program” is going to be much more attractive to your client than, e.g. 5 hours of relationship coaching – even if both options represent the same amount of your time.

If you sell your time by the hour for this service, you might charge £100 per hour. For 5 hours, you’d make £500.

However, you could quadruple your income, AND increase the perception of your expertise offering the “Finding Your Soulmate program” for £2,000.  You’re selling the result, not the 5 hours.

How memorable are you?

So this week I invite you to take a look at your products and services through the eyes of your prospects. Look at how you can bundle services and/or time together to create a package and start promoting it widely, with the focus on the result.

If you attend networking events, talk about the xx package you have available that includes xx and for which the investment is £xx – then watch people queue up to discuss it with you.

When you send emails to your subscribers, promote your packages to them too. I promote a different package each week in my newsletters, and every time I send a newsletter I make a sale. Coincidence? I think not.

So… will you start offering packages? Did you package up your services and notice an increase in your sales enquiries? As a customer, are you more likely to approach a supplier if they have packages available? Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts?

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