2025 will be the 30th year that I’ve been writing words online that get the positive response I want:

✅Applications for properties to rent that soothed the landlords’ reservations when I didn’t meet all their requirements – and being offered them.

✅“Why you should hire me” cover letters for DREAM jobs I was nowhere near experienced enough for on paper – and getting them. (3 times!)

✅Winning most of the writing gigs I bid for on a freelance site (and replacing my salary after being fired from a temp job within weeks) by crafting compelling proposals.

✅Pitching VIP clients I wanted to work with when they were not hiring – and getting to consult on their teams.

✅Speaking on stage at two biggish (400-750 people) events because they said yes to my pitch when they were not asking for speakers.

✅Writing social and networking conversations that start and nurture friendships and professional relationships.

✅Typing online dating chats that led to dates, relationships, and marriage. (Not only mine and Bill’s!)

✅Writing the sales copy, marketing content and conversations that have brought in our household income since Bill quit his job in 2013.

For the first 15 years, writing words that created positive outcomes was something I did for fun, outside of work.

Since 2010, writing persuasive words that create winning results has been my profession.

Coy When on some level, you hope the words you write online will elicit a YES response, you are writing SALES COPY!

🚀Online dating profiles = sales copy.

🚀Replying to reactive press requests = sales copy.

🚀EVERY SINGLE WORD you write online is ‘selling’– even chit chat comments sell who you fundamentally are as a person to those who read your words – some of whom are your potential clients.

🚀And of course, your sales copy, marketing content and DM conversations.

All of it = sales copy. Want more people to say YES when you ask them for or hope for a positive outcome?

Then you MUST write persuasively – words that SELL your desired outcome to the person you are asking or hoping to hear the YES from!

What do YOU want more people to say YES to when you ask them for or hope for a positive outcome?

Invest in my 1:1 Sizzling Sales Copy Co-Writing and Editing package.

👇🏻👇🏻 to write those YESES into reality 👇🏻👇🏻



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Veronica Pullen

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