Are you losing money whilst lurking in Facebook Groups?

When you are spending time in the groups where your ideal clients are, taking a minute to answer questions will increase your visibility to the people whose attention you want to attract.

Plus, there is no algorithm in comments – everyone reading the post can see your reply.

That’s my first tip for you – your daily Facebook activity should include replying to posts in groups so you increase your visibility and build expert authority.

Spending 10 minutes commenting in the right groups can put you in front of several thousand people – any one of whom could be your next paying client.

Don’t waste your time in Facebook groups if you are only going to lurk.

Lurkers are invisible.

But here’s the juicy part you might be missing…

Any time someone asks a question in a Facebook group, you can guarantee that there are lots of others who have the same issue – inside and outside of the group.

My second tip – respond to the question fully for the benefit of those who are reading the post. You are never responding to only one person online.

Next, having written your full response in a comment, my third tip is that you should leverage that effort to reach even more of your ideal clients in Facebook and beyond.

#1: Copy and paste your comment into Word

#2: Edit your post briefly for readability

#3: Add an intro to provide context

#4: If you have one, you could share a quick story that relates back to the question.

#5: Bolt on a call-to-action for the next step you want your readers to take.

Voila. With a few minutes additional effort, you’ve got a post you can share on Facebook… and an email you can send to your email community.

Plus, you can also add it as a blog post on your website which you can post on all your social media, and add to your content promo cycle.

As you’ve probably guessed, this post started as a reply to a question in one of my groups. It’s the simplest way I know to create content.

After all, there is no shortage of inspiration in Facebook!

Always be asking yourself, “how can I get the max return on this ‘effort’?”

While you’re focusing on serving the one person you’re replying to, you should simultaneously be aiming to serve the many, from mostly the same effort.


Veronica Pullen

Veronica Pullen

The Mile-Deep Marketing Queen at Apples to Oranges Ltd
Veronica Pullen, AKA The MIle-Deep Marketing Queen helps coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, experts, speakers, and therapists to attract your ideal, like-minded clients from your 'Mile-Deep' Facebook marketing, networking, group challenges, and ads.
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen
Veronica Pullen