The internet marketing (IM) world is considered to be largely in masculine energy… and a lot of the internet marketing terms used for the different areas of IM can feel too harsh for the more ‘heart centred’ or feminine energy entrepreneur, coming more from a place of service than selling.

Terms like ‘lead bait’ and ‘trip wire’ are two such terms that come to mind… even ‘lead magnet’ and ‘squeeze page’ feel a bit masculine energy too.

Do you think so?

I’ve got to be honest, I’d actually not given any thought to how masculine the terminology is. They’re just words… terms that I’ve learnt from my mentors and now use myself.

But you’ll no doubt know that I’m currently taking 50 business owners through the Trip Wire Challenge which is my vehicle for creating the Trip Wire Academy training program.

So recently I’ve been talking a lot more about trip wires  – and the benefits of adding a trip wire to your lead generation funnel

Hmmm is lead generation a masculine term too?

I digress.

After hearing me talk of trip wires several times recently, one of my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ mentoring program clients came to me, and explained that while she liked the theory of offering a trip wire, she didn’t want to “trip her new leads into something they didn’t want to do.”

Hell no, of course not.

But for her as a heart centred entrepreneur, the term ‘trip wire’ felt manipulative.

By the way, when I say ‘masculine energy’, I don’t mean ‘male’… it’s not defined by gender or sexual preference. Plenty of women are in the masculine energy, and plenty of guys are in their feminine energy.

Anyway, getting back on topic…

Adding a trip wire to your social marketing lead generation funnel is not about manipulating your followers to buy from you.

Your Trip Wire Is Serving Your Clients Not Manipulation

When you have a trip wire available, you are offering (and offering is the key word here, not forcing) your new leads an opportunity to invest in a low cost, no risk, high value way to ‘trial you’.

A test drive if you like.

You’re serving them by offering a way they can take a few steps further away from their pain with your help… if it feels like the right decision for them.

So we began brainstorming terms we could use to replace ‘trip wire’ with another term that felt more in alignment with serving rather than selling.

Ryan Lee uses the term ‘welcome mat’ – as they opt in to your lead magnet they come through the front door, and your trip wire is the welcome message they see once they’ve stepped inside

I like that term, and I sort of get it, but it still doesn’t feel like a perfect fit for me.

I asked around a few of my peers, and Bernadette Doyle nailed it for me, with the very simple (and bleeding obvious when you think about it!) term “opt-in offer”

Spot. On.

So listen, if the term ‘trip wire’ doesn’t feel in alignment with the way you do business, don’t be put off actually creating an opt-in offer, welcome mat… or whateveryouwannacallit.

Just use whichever term you feel is the best fit, and figure out how you can offer your ideal clients a low-cost, no-risk way they can ‘test-drive’ your products or services to get further relief from their pain, in turn bringing passive income into your business.

Good luck, let me know how you get on…