A question I’m often asked by members of groups who run special events at specific times, is how can they connect the Facebook group to Hootsuite so they can schedule posts to appear in the future.

For example, the Women on the Business Stage Facebook group is a promotion free group, except on Wednesdays between 10am and 1pm UK when you can promote your business or special offer. But so often members will forget, and miss the slot. So by connecting the group to their Hootsuite account, they can schedule the post to show up in the group during the time window.

You can also follow this demonstration to also add your other social media accounts, such as your Twitter profile, or your Linked in profile or business page – but do not connect your Facebook business page to Hootsuite as posts from 3rd party apps (which Hootsuite is) negatively impacts on how many people will see your posts…

How To Add A Social Network To Hootsuite


-Log into your Hootsuite account

-Click on the top left tab (the name you’ve given to your Hootsuite account)

-Click on “Add Social Network”

-Choose which social network you want to add (if adding a Facebook group, choose Facebook)

-Log in to connect your Hootsuite account to the social network

-You’ll be shown all of the profiles, pages, groups etc that can be added from your chosen social network. Find the group that you want to add, and click on the “+” next to the name to add to Hootsuite

-Repeat for other profiles, pages and groups and/or social networks

If you are using a free Hootsuite account;

Remember you can only add 5 profiles, pages or groups to your account before you will need to upgrade to Pro. Add wisely 🙂

Use group post scheduling wisely;

I recommend that you only schedule posts in groups if it is a group you manage (E.g. your support group for your customers), or for specific group promotions (such as the weekly group promotion I mention above) where it may be permitted.

Scheduling posts into groups where you are networking will at best pee off the other members, but could see you barred from the group by the administrator, and reported to Facebook for spamming.

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