May I be the first person to mention the “C” word?! YES – it’s nearly Christmas!

“Nearly” is stretching it a bit I know. But around this time, attention may be turning to getting corporate Xmas cards designed to send to your clients…?

DON’T DO IT? Don’t be one of the Shepherd’s Corporate Xmas Cards sheep!

Why? Because everyone sends corporate Christmas cards, and yours will get lost in the big pile, only to be discarded the minute they step back into the office in January – likely remaining unread and unloved.

So… you have a chance to make a big impact on your clients, and stand out from the crowd – by sending your card Corporate Xmas Cardswhen nobody else is sending theirs.

Being the only nice personally addressed, brightly coloured envelope, landing on their desk, will ensure yours get read, is highly likely to bring a smile to their face, and almost certainly will sit on their desk for a while… getting attention from anyone who sees it

How much better is that – for you AND them?

So please, don’t waste money on following the crowd. Invest the money wisely by being different and grabbing the attention of any of the lucky recipients instead.

Be creative!

You don’t just have to send cards on recognised special occasions, how about thinking up a special occasion of your own?

  • Welcome – send a card to welcome a new client to your business – make them feel special
  • Happy 100th Birthday – send a card on the 100th day since they became a client?
  • Thank you – a great follow up to a meeting or consultation would be to send a card thanking them for their time. Personalise it a bit, mention something they revealed about themselves to show that you were listening.
  • Well done – honour an achievement. No matter how big or small – from getting some great press coverage, to celebrating a new team member. Demonstrate the growth and success of their business matters to you – that you’re taking notice.

And get creative with the design of your cards too. We send cards designed as Telegrams – after all, the Queen would send a Telegram, and I AM the Queen around these parts! 🙂

For a few pounds on eBay, we also managed to get hold of some crown shaped stickers and a stamp – we send the Telegram in a bright orange envelope with the “Royal Crown” on the envelope.

Think about your branding and what it represents? How can you translate that into a creative card that will make your prospects and clients feel special?

And having taken the trouble to come up with a great design concept, you don’t want it to end up in a pile of Christmas Cards sent by hundreds of people doing the same as everyone else, do you?