I’ve been creating a Facebook Adverts campaign for a new client this week, and because of what they want to achieve, I’ve been using Power Editor.

If you’re not familiar with Power Editor, it’s a Chrome extension that enables you to do lots of cool things with your Facebook adverts; like uploading your email database into a custom audience, and targeting your adverts to people who already subscribe to your emails, and targeting people who have visited your website within a certain amount of time (known as re-targeting)

To give you an example of re-targeting, last week I was checking out the Zoopla website for properties on the Isle of Wight (more on that HERE if you’d like to know the story behind that). This week I’m being bombarded with right-column Facebook Ads from Zoopla showing me available properties! LOL

You can stop companies re-targeting you by the way – both in Facebook and Google Banner Re-targeting). They rely on cookies, so clearing your cookies will give their ad campaign nothing to target – so you won’t see re-targeted adverts any more.

Anyway, I digress. I must admit to not being a huge user of Power Editor. Mainly because the Facebook Ads self-serve tool does what I need it to for client campaigns, and I am rarely asked to target adverts to existing subscribers… nor do I do this myself (not yet, at least).

But it occurred to me as I was setting this campaign up, that I hadn’t blogged about how you can upload your email database into Power Editor, and that you may not be aware that you can target Facebook Adverts Campaigns to your existing subscribers.

So right here and now, here’s my 5-step quick-start guide on how to upload your email subscribers to Power Editor for Facebook Adverts

Creating Custom Audiences in Power Editor

Step #1: Download your Email subscribers

To get started with creating a Custom Audience for Power Editor, you’ll need to download a .csv file of the email addresses in your database.

The actual steps to do this will vary depending on which email service you use (Aweber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft etc)

Log into your MailChimp/Aweber etc account, find your list, and there is usually a link called “Download Subscribers” or something similar. This will download a .csv file to your Downloads folder of your computer.

Save the file somewhere where you’ll be able to find it easily when you reach step #5.

Step #2: Download the Chrome browser

Secondly, as I said earlier, Power Editor is a Chrome browser extension. So if you don’t have Chrome, you’ll need to download it here

Step #3: Access Facebook using Chrome

So, now you’ve downloaded Chrome, the next step is to log into your Facebook account using Chrome as your internet browser.

On the home page, you’ll either have “Adverts Manager” on your left hand side menu, or you can access it via the drop down menu that appears when you click on the cog icon top right of the page

Step 1 Accessing Facebook Adverts

Step #4: Install Power Editor

If this is your first time using Power Editor, you will need to install it first. From Your Facebook Adverts Manager, click on Power Editor on the left hand side, and you will be prompted to install it

Step 2 Install Power Editor

Follow the on screen prompt and Power Editor will install

Step #5: Upload your audience

From the left hand menu, choose “Audiences” then “Create Audience”. From the drop down menu, choose “Custom Audience”

Step 3 Audience

A pop up box will now show prompting you to upload your email subscriber list as a .csv or .txt file

Once you’ve selected “create”, your file will upload and your new custom audience will be ready to use.

Step 4 Upload Audience

One quick point on uploading email addresses. The email address your subscribers used to opt-in to your email database MUST match the email account they use for Facebook to be considered as one unit of custom audience.

So, supposing Joe Bloggs’ email address in your database is joe.bloggs@joebloogs.com but for Facebook he signs in with the email address joebloogs@hotmail.com, you will not be able to target Joe Bloggs with your Facebook Adverts Campaigns.

Next week I’ll reveal how you can use your new custom audience in the self-serve Facebook Adverts Manager to target your Facebook Ads to your existing email subscribers.

Are you using Power Editor? Has this blog post motivated you to give it a try? Leave me a comment below and tell me how you rate Power Editor and what (if any) difference it has made to your results.